Also Known As   Choline Alfoscerate
  • Cholinergic
Good for
  • Focus
  • Learning
  • Memory
Stacks Well With
Dosage 250-600 mcg
Half-life 4-6 hours

Even though all of the essential nutrients our body needs can be found across different types of food, some of them are found in quite low amounts. This makes supplementation of some nutrients especially important, as they bring benefits to the general health of your body and your mind.

Alpha GPC is a perfect example of a nutrient that can definitely help you in both regards. It is a great source of the chemical compound choline, which plays an important role in our cognitive function. This is the primary reason why many people decide to start taking Alpha GPC as a supplement.

Let’s take a look at what Alpha GPC is, how it can benefit you, how it works and how it should be consumed.


Alpha GPC is also known as choline alfoscerate or L-Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine. It is a natural nootropic that is consumed independently or in combination with other nootropics. Our bodies naturally store and use Alpha GPC, but many people don’t get enough of it in their daily diet, so it’s best for them to take it as a supplement.

There are several types of food that include choline, but in a small dosage. These include organ meat, dairy products, and wheat germ. The problem is that, even if you significantly increase your intake of these foods, you can’t get nearly as much of this substance as you could through supplementation, and the increased calories from such a diet could lead to weight gain.

Once the supplement is ingested, it acts quickly, delivering choline directly to the brain. Alpha GPC has a wide range of nootropic properties, e.g. it is well known for its memory enhancement properties and its ability to slow down the brain aging process. Therefore, according to a study, it is a great supplement for aging dementia, memory problems, Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia and any other types of memory problems.

Alpha GPC also brings non-nootropic benefits to the table. For example, it’s cell membrane enhancement properties positively affect the post-workout recovery process. Furthermore, the supplement is also dopaminergic, meaning that it stimulates the release of dopamine, making it a great mood enhancer.

Besides the positive effects it offers when taken individually, Alpha GPC also works great with other nootropics. It is a good combination with racetam nootropics, as it helps remove or reduce racetam headaches. There hasn’t been enough research, but a study published in January of 2017 suggests that Alpha GPC might also be an important supplement for those who are diagnosed with epilepsy.

Some of the users that used Alpha GPC have also expressed that it is a good way of dealing with insomnia problems. When it comes to regulations, in Europe the supplement is prescribed to those dealing with Alzheimer’s disease, whereas in the United States it is possible to purchase this supplement without a prescription.

Alpha GPC Benefits and Effects

The positive effects of taking this supplement range widely. Let’s take a look at some Alpha GPC benefits:

Memory Improvement – This is one of the strong points of this supplement. It is well known that it improves memory, and this is made possible by the fact that the extra choline is converted into the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. This neurotransmitter is strongly connected with our cognitive abilities. It plays a crucial role in the process of forming and recalling memories. This is why it is an effective way of helping people suffering from different types of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Energy Enhancer – It is a mild energy booster, allowing its users to better perform in the gym. This will be mentioned in greater detail in another paragraph on the benefits that the supplements provide.

Neuroprotection – Alpha GPC provides great benefits for the brain, as it stimulates the growth of brain cells, ensuring better cognitive function. Also, its cell membrane repair effects make it equally important for memory recall, as it slows down the brain aging process significantly.

Higher Strength, Endurance and Post-Workout Recovery – Alpha GPC brings another benefit to your body. It directly affects the production of human growth hormone, which allows both amateur and professional athletes to achieve better results.

And this does not only mean better performance, but building more lean muscle mass, and burning fat in the whole process. This was confirmed by a study, which showed that taking Alpha GPC 90 minutes before a workout allowed the subjects to increase their power output by 14% during an exercise.

Mental Stamina and Positive Mood – This is due to the fact that Alpha GPC choline stimulates the growth of human growth hormone and dopamine, which improve a person’s mental stamina and their mood respectively.

With this positive change in mindset, people who use Alpha GPC supplements develop a more positive outlook on life, making it possible for them to approach daily tasks with a newfound enthusiasm and better cope with stress.

Works well with Other Nootropics – Many nootropic users need to add choline to their diet, and Alpha GPC is a great choice, as it provides an abundance of this compound, which helps with the occasional racetam side effects, such as mild headaches.

With all these benefits, it is clear that taking this supplement is the right choice for those who want to improve their cognitive function. For example, if you are working in an industry where there is a constant flow of new information, it is a good idea to help yourself by using these supplements.

Memory improvement is one of the strong points of this supplement. It is well known that it improves memory, and this is made possible by the fact that the extra choline is converted into the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

How Alpha GPC Works

Alpha GPC is made up of different nutrients, such as choline, glycerol, and phosphate. However, it is considered cholinergic, meaning that the supplement is primarily used as a choline source. Its absorption has been carefully studied, and the whole ingestion process is well understood.

Alpha GPC Review: Benefits, Dosage, Stacking and Side EffectsFirst of all, Alpha GPC is water soluble. Once taken, this supplement is absorbed quickly. This makes the supplement highly bioavailable. When taken in oral form, it takes about an hour for the supplement to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Once the absorption process is over, a combination of choline and a byproduct known as glycerophosphate is created through metabolisis.

This is when the “magic” happens. Choline is responsible for the synthesis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, a key transmitter that is related to cognitive functions such as memory creation, memory recall, learning, recording of new information, and it also plays an important role in focus and concentration.

With the abundance of choline now available to the brain, Alpha GPC begins stimulating acetylcholine production. This is what primarily labels this supplement as a neuroprotectant.

Additionally, with the presence of other nootropics such as pramiracetam, piracetam, and aniracetam, the additional choline source becomes even more valuable, as these nootropics stimulate acetylcholine receptors. As the function of acetylcholine is greatly influenced by the body having access to additional choline resources, Alpha GPS is necessary to keep it all balanced.

Without enough choline, there is a great imbalance, as there is not enough acetylcholine for racetams to stimulate. This is why terms such as “racetam headache” exist. To prevent it from occurring and ensure that racetams are achieving optimal results, it is best to include Alpha GPC in your nutrition and balance the process of creating and using acetylcholine.

Additionally, the supplement stimulates work well with the pituitary gland, leading to increased production of HGH. Also, it plays an important role in the improvement of neural membrane fluidity, but how these processes occur has not yet been completely understood.

Now that we know how it all works, let’s take a look at the best dosage practices of this supplement.

Alpha GPC Dosage

Like with all other things, you should consume Alpha GPC in moderation. To much of anything becomes an ineffective approach for achieving optimal results. Therefore, it is best to start off dosing around 300-600 mg. This will let your body adapt to the new source of choline.

However, down the road, as your body adapts to an influx of choline, you can start to increase the dosage. The recommended doses for adults range from 300 to 1200 mg, taken once or twice per day. So far, it has been recorded that this amount of Alpha GPC has been the safest and most effective way of using Alpha GPC.

Like with all other supplements, it is a good idea to start slow, until your body adapts to the new supplement. Later on, listen to your body to determine the right dose that is going to fit your needs.

Alpha GPC Stacking

Alpha GPC Review: Benefits, Dosage, Stacking and Side EffectsStacking is the process of combining two or more supplements in order to achieve better results and get more benefits. In this case, nootropic stacking means improving your cognitive function by combining several supplements.

Alpha GPC stacking is possible, it even goes hand in hand with other supplements, and is actually recommended for use with racetams.

If you don’t want to dedicate time to creating your own stacks, you can rely on pre-made stacks.

On the other hand, if you want to create your own custom stack, you have to conduct detailed research to find the best combination of supplements that are going to work for you.

For example, if you are using racetam, it is a good idea to also use Alpha GPC. Racetam increases blood pressure a bit, which may cause a mild headache, whereas Alpha GPC lowers blood pressure. By combining both of these, you can keep your blood pressure normal. Additionally, you will gain access to the much-needed choline and make your racetam usage optimal.

Like with all other supplements, it is a good idea to start slow, until your body adapts to the new supplement. Later on, listen to your body to determine the right dose that is going to fit your needs.

Alpha GPC Side Effects

Even though this is a completely safe-to-use supplement, there are some known Alpha GPC side effects that you may experience. They include, nausea, diarrhea, headache, fatigue, and gastrointestinal problems.

Another side effect includes dizziness and low blood pressure. It is important to know that people with hypotension should definitely consult a doctor before using this supplement. If you are using scopolamine, a drug used to treat motion sickness, postoperative nausea or irritable bowel syndrome, it is best to stay away from this supplement.

Also, as no significant research was done on the effects on pregnant women, it is suggested to stop taking this type of supplementation during pregnancy.

Where to Buy Alpha GPC

The easiest way to get a hold of Alpha GPC is to make an order on Amazon. Relentless Improvement is a USA based manufacturer that offers a high quality product in the form of capsules. Another great option is the Double Wood Alpha GPC supplement, a trusted manufacturer that sells this supplement in capsule form.

Both manufacturers are located in the US, and have passed the FDA regulations. They are both 300 mg capsules, but the Relentless Improvement product has more capsules, so it might be a more suitable long-term option.

Buy from Relentless Improvement

Buy from Double Wood


If you are looking for a way to improve your cognitive functions and more easily tackle your daily tasks, you should definitely invest in the nootropic supplement Alpha GPC.

Remember, it goes well with other nootropic supplements, so it will completely balance out your nootropic stack. In other words, choline is required for other supplements to be more effective.

Additionally, it will stimulate your HGH growth. Giving you more energy throughout the day. It will also help you lose weight by making it possible for you to build more muscles that spend more energy. If you live an active lifestyle, this supplement is definitely the right choice for you, as it will allow you to reach better goals and maximize your physical performance.

Alpha GPC is the right choice for all those who want to simultaneously improve how their mind and body work. It will positively affect your memory capacity, vitality, and physical strength. Therefore, you should hesitate no more – go on and enhance your nutrition with this excellent supplement.


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