Also Known As Centro, Lucidril, Meclofenoxate
  • Cholinergic
Good for
  • Learning
  • Memory
Stacks Well With
Dosage     250-500 mg
Half-life      2-4 hours

Centrophenoxine is one of the most powerful nootropics that we currently know about. That’s because of its various positive effects on memory, cognition, and brain functions. It is similar to the Alpha-GPC substance that we have in our brain and it enhances choline molecule production, through which it helps improve cognition and slow down memory loss.


Centrophenoxine is one of the most well known nootropics. It’s also referred to as Lucidril and Meclofenoxate and many clinical tests have been done on this substance. This is a very strong nootropic that can boost memory while providing additional choline that can be used in combination with other nootropics.

Centrophenoxine is a nootropic that affects cognitive abilities and memory, and this makes it a cholinergic. At the moment this is one of the most popular cholinergic compounds that you can find on the market. It’s usually used together with DMAE, a choline molecule, as it can help Centrophenoxine get delivered to the brain more efficiently and enhance its effects.

This nootropic can be bought online or over the counter. It’s main effects include reducing the symptoms of old age such as memory loss and dementia, improved brain functions and it can also have these effects on younger users.

Additionally, there are many trials that have show that Centrophenoxine is also a neuroprotectant and an antioxidant, reducing the negative effects of free radicals and toxins in our brain.

Centrophenoxine Benefits and Effects

Given the fact that centrophenoxine has been researched for years, all of its benefits have been clearly proven and tested. This means that none of these things is considered a placebo or an uncertainty – one of the oldest nootropics was developed over 60 years ago.

Centrophenoxine is basically a combination of two substances: DMAE and pCPA. There are many studies that show how DMAE helps increase the levels of acetylcholine, while preventing choline from being delivered to the peripheral system around the body. This is why centrophenoxine provides more choline that can be used to synthesize higher amounts of acetylcholine.

Given the fact that Centrophenoxine has been researched for years, all of its benefits have been clearly proven and tested

Still the problem is that there is little evidence showing that it can cross the blood-brain barrier on its own. This is why pCPA is added to solve the transport problem. Centrophenoxine is a highly water-soluble supplement, meaning that it enters the brain very quickly after being consumed.

When it gets into the brain it protects neurons and improves signal transmission. Centrophenoxine is very effective because it almost instantly starts boosting acetylcholinesterase around various parts of the brain. This is a very important enzyme that allows acetylcholine synthesis.

Improved Brain Memory

Memory formation is improved when we have higher levels of acetylcholine. Given the fact that Centrophenoxine enhances various cholinergic activities, one of the substances that is produced is choline, amongst other different phospholipids

This means that more acetylcholine gets produced, leading to improved communication between neurons. With acetylcholine levels increased, memory is improved as well. This makes centrophenoxine one of the most effective nootropics for improving memory.

This kind of memory improvement is especially effective in helping the brain form better long-term memories, store them and retrieve memories of something that happened a while ago. A lot of studies show that Centrophenoxine is more effective than Alpha GPC, which is also a choline source, and that it works better with older people.

Improved Cognitive Functions

Centrophenoxine can be used as a DMAE prodrug and this is very important, as this molecule is quite effective at reducing other harmful molecule build-up within the brain that could cause a drastic reduction in cognitive functions. With these molecules removed, older people can slow down their aging and reverse some side-effects of old age.

Additionally, centrophenoxine is absorbed more easily than other DMAE, meaning that it’s more effective for improving cognitive functions. There are many studies that show this nootropic has the power to help increase a person’s cognitive skills and help patients fight dementia.

Improved Lifespan

One of the many studies that were conducted on mice have shown that centrophenoxine has the power to expand the lifespan of mice and give them anti-aging capabilities. A study done in the American Anti-Aging Academy has shown that the lifespan of the tested mice has increased from 30 to 50 percent.

Most of the brain cell membrane consists out of fat and as we age it constantly oxidizes. This means that a lot of free radicals build up within the brain and they cannot be efficiently removed by brain cells as we grow older.

Many studies have shown that Centrophenoxine is able to clean all of the lipofuscin and free radicals that gather in brain cells. It also prevents the created cellular waste from piling up to begin with and keeps the brain “clean”.

Increased Brain Energy

The energy of our brain is directly dependant on the amount of oxygen and glucose that we take in. Given the fact that centrophenoxine has the power to improve the chemical activity within the brain, it needs to increase glucose and oxygen absorption.

Simply put, this is the fuel our brain needs and more of it means more energy in the brain. With higher levels of energy in our brain, people also have more motivation, the ability to concentrate better and stay focused for longer periods of time.

How Centrophenoxine Works?

Even though the history of research on centrophenoxine is over 50 years long there are still people debating how it works precisely.

Still, it has been proven that centrophenoxine is a precursor for acetylcholine, meaning that it helps increase the amount of acetylcholine and that it passively has a positive effect on cognitive abilities and performance. The debate is about which pathway is the right one and there are two most probable theories:

Centrophenoxine gets converted into phospholipid that helps increase acetylcholine production.

Centrophenoxine breaks down and becomes choline within the brain and then enhances acetylcholine production.

No matter which pathway is the right one, it is known that the cholinergic activity caused by this nootropic is responsible for all the benefits and cognitive improvements. Since centrophenoxine improves oxygen intake within the brain by enabling better blood flow, this substance also improves mental energy levels.

Centrophenoxine has a smooth transition from blood to the brain and it behaves as an antioxidant. With this effect, the brain is protected from free radicals and all of the toxins that have a negative effect on the brain are flushed away. Given the fact that brain cells get the support they need, it is only natural that the whole organ starts functioning better.

Centrophenoxine Dosage

Centrophenoxine Review: Benefits, Dosage, Stacking and Side Effects Most scientists and vendors that sell this smart drug recommend taking around 250 mg of this substance twice per day. People that use this nootropic for a long time take over 1000 mg every day, but this is only because they are very resistant to the supplement and they weren’t sensitive to it when they started using it.

Similarly to all the other nootropics, it’s best to start with a low, recommended dose and see how you feel after using it for some time and whether or not you notice any difference. When you’ve learned how it works, you can start to increase the dosage after some time to make sure that the effects are on point.

In general, most people tolerate centrophenoxine and even though this is the case, make sure to be safe and start with a dosage of 250 mg per day. Of course, it is also important to consider how old you are. If you are an older person, you can start increasing your dosages, and if not it’s generally better to take it slow, unless you have severe memory problems.

How to Use it

No matter what dosage we are talking about, it’s generally a good idea to split it up, even if it’s just the starting 250 mg. Take half of your daily dose in the morning and the other half during the afternoon. Even though increased energy is a great benefit, you don’t want to take the supplement too late during the day and disrupt your sleeping patterns.

Centrophenoxine is very effective when stacked with some other supplement that increases acetylcholine and we will talk about this in just a bit. By choosing good stacks you can have different supplements complement each other and get even greater benefits.

Centrophenoxine Stacking

If you plan on using some sort of stack of supplements, it’s important that you are mindful of the doses. Make sure that you learn the proper supplement ratios and what amount of total supplements you should take. Don’t surpass the dosage of an individual supplement, and in some cases, you will even have to reduce individual dosages.

This is how you will be able to get the benefits while avoiding side-effects. Look for instructions online or talk to your doctor about the supplements and dosages you need to take. Given the fact that centrophenoxine is a very good choline source, you can find it in many nootropic stacks – some of the most common ones are Noopept and Racetams.

Piracetam and Centrophenoxine are some of the best stacks as they complement each other quite well. Given the fact that Centrophenoxine is a known cholinergic, it serves as a great source of chlorine that Piracetam needs. This means that the headaches that could be caused by Piracetam are limited.

In most cases the headaches are caused by low choline levels. When you take these two supplements combined, they will be more effective and work faster. In most cases it’s a good idea to first take only centrophenoxine until you find your right dosage and then when taking this stack go with a 2:1 ratio.

Piracetam and Centrophenoxine are some of the best stacks as they complement each other quite well.

Centrophenoxine Side-Effects

This is one of the nootropic supplements that are considered to be very safe. Any healthy adult that doesn’t have serious medical issues will have no problems using centrophenoxine. Still, like with any other substance, there are potential side-effects that can happen to a small percentage of people and it’s important to mention them.

Given the fact that this is a non-toxic supplement all of the possible side-effects are very mild and they won’t cause any severe health issues or discomforts. Some of the most common side-effects that can happen include insomnia, headaches, stomach issues and irritability.

If you notice having any of the side-effects mentioned above, then lower your dosage or simply consult your doctor and stop using these supplements. If the side-effects are constant make sure to stop using these supplements immediately.

In most cases side-effects happen because people take other drugs which these supplements should not be combined with, or because they have health issues. In this case, the best thing to do is to go and consult your doctor, explain what this supplement is about and they will tell you if you can use it.

Where to Buy Centrophenoxine

One of the ways to buy it, and probably the best option, is to order a nootropic supplement or stack online. Still, there are a lot of vendors offering these products online and it’s very important to perform a thorough check before buying something from a vendor you don’t know.

This is why we suggest these products that are verified and safe to use. Centrophenoxine is completely legal and you can order as much of it as you want online. Instead of ordering constantly, it’s better to get enough for a whole month and you might even get discounts.

This is one of the smartest ways to buy “smart drugs” to try them out and see for yourself what great benefits they have. You can also find centrophenoxine products to buy over the counter, but not many stores have them and the choice is more limited.

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We have advanced so far when it comes to our health and taking care of our bodies. Today, we invest a lot to age in a healthy fashion, however, we need to go a step further and work on keeping our brain sharp and be able to have good focus when we grow old.

No matter if you are a grown adult who needs enhanced long-term and short-term memory or a senior who has had dementia or some form of mental decline, this valuable choline supplement can help you a lot in improving cognitive functions.

This is an effective and safe cholinergic that has been tested, tried and proven. If you have similar problems with the ones mentioned above, trying out centrophenoxine is a good idea and you shouldn’t miss the new chance that has opened.



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