Choline Bitartrate is one of the most popular varieties of Choline. Choline, which also goes by the name of Trimethyl Ethanolamine, is a brain supplement, a type of a nootropic, which is used for cognitive enhancement and for improving memory.


With a proper chemical balance and the right diet, the human brain performs optimally, so it is not of crucial importance to use any additional supplements. However, if you are looking for ways to enhance your cognitive abilities and you could use some extra motivation as well, nootropics such as Choline Bitartrate are just the thing for you.

Choline can originally be found in our bodies and is produced naturally but in limited amounts. It can also be found in numerous foods, such as meat, fish, eggs (egg yolks particularly), broccoli, peanuts and some others. It is soluble in water and is of essential importance for healthy cell membranes.

Additionally, it is the precursor for Acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter responsible for its nootropic benefits, that is in charge of muscle control and memory, and that is why it should be a mandatory part of everyone’s diet. However, some studies have shown that less than 10% of the population takes sufficient quantities of Choline.

Even though our body, or liver to be precise, is capable of naturally synthesizing Choline as mentioned, it is just a part of the amount needed, so that is why your diet plays a huge role in providing an adequate amount. People usually don’t get enough Choline from their diet either, which may cause some cognitive difficulties.

Structurally, Choline falls under the category of phospholipids, which is fat found in cell membranes. It is similar to the family of B vitamins. Choline Bitartrate is in fact the same thing as Choline alone, with the only difference being that it is combined with chemical salt of tartaric acid which aids the absorption.

Some of the newest studies indicated that Choline can be used as a medical treatment for neurodegenerative diseases, stroke, ADHD, glaucoma, and even cocaine addiction. Another interesting fact about Choline is that it has the ability to amplify the effects of other nootropics while preventing headaches (minor ones, but still annoying, though) that can be a side effect of using Racetam-type nootropics.

Choline Bitartrate Benefits and Effects

After consumption, Choline Bitartrate enters the bloodstream, thus further entering our central nervous system. Before entering the central nervous system, it has to cross the blood-brain barrier, and many other substances are unable to do this.

When it enters the central nervous system, Choline Bitartrate helps Acetylcholine to synthesize which leads to positive mental effects such as enhanced memory. Tasks like thinking, writing and even talking become effortless as the so called mental fluidity is boosted.

Since Choline is in charge of muscle control, meaning it helps movements, muscle contraction and overall coordination, it is even speculated that it helps in dealing with arteriosclerosis and other such diseases.

It prevents memory loss and because of that it is often associated with anti-aging and considered a potential cure for Alzheimer’s. Studies have shown that Choline Bitartrate enhances our concentration when it comes to any demanding task, such as studying or learning a new skill, since it increases frontal lobe bioenergetics.

Studies have shown that Choline Bitartrate enhances our concentration when it comes to any demanding task, such as studying or learning a new skill

Choline Bitartrate helps in the production of lipotropic agents which converts fat into neurons, further boosting the production of HDL cholesterol. Another great role of Choline is that it helps the creation of Betaine, an important methyl donor.

Choline Bitartrate is especially important for athletes, because it increases not only mental but also physical endurance. During the workout, amounts of choline can be lowered significantly which can lead to downturn in acetylcholine synthesis.

How Choline Bitartrate Works

Choline Bitartrate works in 3 different ways: it boosts the dopamine as well as the Acetylcholine production in the central nervous system and it is in charge of repair of the neuronal membranes. Unlike many other nootropic actions and processes, the ones of Choline have been widely studied and thus well comprehended.

Upon absorption, Choline Bitartrate breaks into 2 components – Choline and Cytidine, which then cross the blood-brain barrier as previously explained. Cytidine is transformed into Uridine, which is a nucleotide base essential for synthesizing the neural membrane. Choline that is released behaves as a cholinergic, responsible for the increase of Choline levels in our brain.

This new, cholinergic state makes it a great counterpart to Racetam nootropics which depend on Choline when it comes to cognition enhancing abilities. Piracetam for example, which belongs to the family of Racetam nootropics, is considered to be an Acetylcholine agonist, which are compounds that advance the production of Acetylcholine with the stimulation of the suitable neurotransmitter receptor sites.

Unlike many other nootropic actions and processes, the ones of Choline have been widely studied and thus well comprehended.

When the amounts of Choline are sufficient, the production of Acetylcholine creates some valuable enhancements related to cognition, such as better focus, improved memory, and sensory perception. On the other hand, when the Choline levels are deficient, the effects of Racetam are fairly reduced. This reduction can attribute to minor headaches. Both of these nootropics are individually potent, but together they make an even greater impact.

People who are most likely in need of additional Choline Bitartrate amounts are athletes, people who drink bigger amounts of alcohol, as well as people with some more severe problems such as hemorrhagic kidney necrosis or fatty liver disease.

Choline BitartrateCholine Bitartrate Dosage

A safe dosage of Choline Bitartrate depends on various aspects – your health, weight and age being some of the most important ones to mention. The internet certainly offers you some thorough info when it comes to the recommended doses, but it is best you consulted your doctor before using the supplement.

The recommended dosage of Choline Bitartrate approved by the FDA is 550 mg for men and 425 mg for women on a daily basis. Some users take even higher doses when they want to enhance Choline’s nootropic effects. Experts advise taking somewhere between 550 and 3000 mg daily for the best results possible.

The above mentioned amounts are considered completely safe which means that the majority of users will not be experiencing any side effects. Nevertheless, there is a possibility that not all of the Choline from Choline Bitartrate will end up in your brain. That is why it might be a good idea to consider taking a lipid version of the supplement, instead of the usual salt version.

These lipid versions come in forms of CDP Choline or Alpha GPC and they possess the much needed ability to cross the blood-brain barrier. They kick in faster, and transform into Acetylcholine more quickly.

Since Choline Bitartrate is not toxic and the body tolerates it very well, a broad extent of different dosages have been recorded without any health endangering side effects. Ingesting anywhere between 250 mg to 1000 mg in one or two doses divided by 8 to 12 hours is universally accepted as effective and safe.

However, one MIT study proved that taking even 4000 mg doses offers effects that were not significantly different from the effects of a 2000 mg dosage. This means that taking high doses in efforts to boost your brain power even more might be in vain. Instead of increasing the dose, you might opt out for stacking.

Choline Bitartrate dissolves in water and it can be commonly bought in both powdered and capsule form. When ingested by mouth, even 95% of the dose gets absorbed in the body.

Choline Bitartrate Stacking

For most people, the greatest value of Choline Bitartrate lies in its strength as an enhancer for other nootropics. CDP is best when paired with Racetams, so here is a short list of favored stacks and recommended dosages:

1. CDP Choline and Aniracetam

While Aniracetam does provide a significant boost in cognitive capabilities, it also offers a soothing effect on the mind. This stack is popular because of its ability to provide cognitive boosting as well as calming effects. Recommended daily intake is 250 mg CDP Choline and 1000 mg Aniracetam once to twice a day.

2. CDP Choline and Piracetam stack

This basic stack offers an all-around boost in mental capabilities without any sedating or stimulating effects. Recommended daily intake is 4800 mg Piracetam and 250 mg CDP Choline once to twice a day.

3. CDP Choline and Oxiracetam stack

Oxiracetam is a very popular neuro enhancer by itself and it was nicknamed “the speedy Racetam” because of its strong effects. Like Piracetam, Oxiracetam offers significant boosts in the cognitive functions of the brain while also raising mental alertness and attention. Because of its strong stimulating effect it is not advised to take this stack before going to bed as it may hinder sleep.

The recommended daily intake is 750 mg Oxiracetam and 250 mg CDP Choline once to twice a day.

4. CDP Choline and Pramiracetam

Pramiracetam is similar to Piracetam in that it does not have any stimulating or sedating effects. However it is much stronger which is why lower doses are advised to get the best effects. Taken together with Choline, Pramiracetam`s neural enhancements are significantly stronger.Recommended daily intake is 250 mg Pramiracetam and 250 mg CDH Choline once to twice a day.

Choline Bitartrate Side Effects

One of the reasons why Choline Bitartrate is so popular around the world is that it does not have any serious side effects documented. Clinical trials and research have shown that CDP Choline remains safe event at higher doses, although higher dosages do not provide stronger improvements.

The cholinergic system does not suffer any side effects from the usage of Choline Bitartrate, as toxicological research has proven. All these traits make Choline an effective treatment option for many different disorders, diseases and traumas.

Although no strong side effects have been recorded, a small number of users did complain about problems with insomnia, headache and bad digestion. Pregnant women are recommended not to take Choline as it was not clinically tested for its effects during pregnancy.

Where to Buy Choline Bitartrate

In recent few years, the nootropics and cognitive enhancers market has enjoyed large growth, which is good for the most part, as it means increased availability worldwide, but a big market also means slightly higher risks.

You should make sure that you do a significant amount of research on the substances you decided to go for before actually buying anything. Even though nootropics are relatively cheap for the most part, there are scammers who would sell you untested substances with unknown and potentially harmful side effects.

As always, Google is your best friend when it comes to hindering unnecessary risks. Look for reviews, recommended products and go for products that are guaranteed to be safe. Our personal recommendation would be Amazon since the products they offer are guaranteed to be safe and effective.

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Although Choline Bitartrate is not the most powerful nootropic on its own, if it is used in combination with others, it can yield much better results and can provide a serious boost to the effects of your entire nootropic stack and can be an amazing accessory in your daily nootropic supplement menu.

The effects of Choline Bitartrate can reach their full potential when bundled together with Racetams as they both support and strengthen each other’s effects enabling both to attain a level of effectiveness previously unavailable to either of these two.

Even though it is much more powerful in combination with other supplements, it has some great perks of its own. Choline Bitartrate is amazing at helping your memory: countering memory loss, aiding you in recalling information and strengthening your memory in general.

CDP Choline has a very long research history, as it has been studied and tested in clinical conditions for decades. It is proven to be completely safe even at high dosages, though tests show that higher doses do not provide stronger effects.

Whether you are looking for something to increase your mental energy and provide you with clearer thoughts, or you just want to enhance your nootropic diet, Choline Bitartrate might be an ideal solution for you, as it is safe, readily available and inexpensive.


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