Also Known As      Selagine
  • Natural
Good for
  • Memory
  • Learning
Stacks Well With
Dosage 50-200 mcg
Half-life 10-14 hours

Huperzine A is an alkaloid compound. Discovered in 1980s, this supplement proved itself quite useful when it comes to preserving and protecting neurons. Also known as selagine – but not to be confused with selegiline – this drug is a result of a chemical procedure and it’s used for the purposes of enhancing cognitive properties, improving memory and it’s a common item in prescriptions for those who suffer from Alzheimer’s.


Everything starts with a plant called Chinese Club Moss Huperzia Serrata. Thanks to a careful process of laboratory manipulation, a supplement called Huperzine A is created. Unlike some other plant supplements or drugs, this one is completely purified.

Because of its mighty properties, Huperzine A is very popular among the student population. If you were to take this powerful supplement, it would increase the amount of acetylcholine in your brain while simultaneously preventing cholinesterase from acting.

Huperzine A Ingredients

When you decide to take a memory enhancing drug such as Huperzine A, it’s vital for the health of your mind to know exactly what you’re taking. Interestingly enough, many users of these supplements prefer to consume them in their original state, because they believe it’s somehow better when it’s not processed in a laboratory.

This is certainly not the case, and we will explain why using a common example. You are probably familiar with essential oils – they are a result of a distillation process that enables us to use only the “good” parts of a plant.

If we were to use Lavender in its original state, it would still be beneficial for our mind because of its aromatherapy properties. However, when you have the essence of Lavender in front of you in the form of an essential oil, you can experience an effect that’s significantly more powerful. It’s the same with Chinese Club Moss and Huperzine A.

So, when you get Huperzine A, which is a completely purified product, you get to experience enhanced properties because the manipulation in the lab brought out only the essence of it and allowed companies to fashion it into a pill that’s quite simple and convenient to use.

Which brings us to the matter of ingredients – using Huperzine A means that you only use the part of Chinese Club Moss that’s useful for your mind and, unlike in its original state, is highly concentrated. Once again – this is a highly purified supplement, which usually isn’t the case with memory enhancers because they ordinarily come with a mixture of different ingredients.

Huperzine A Benefits and Effects

We already explained how Huperzine A works – this alkaloid compound that is derived from Chinese Club Moss makes the network of neurons in your brain stronger and more powerful. Besides this handy property, Huperzine A also helps your stem cells to produce even more neurons than they usually would.

This is a highly purified supplement which usually isn’t the case with memory enhancers because they ordinarily come with a mixture of different ingredients

Huperzine A also works as a form of neuroprotection, which means that it practically creates a shield around your neurons and thus prevents the intrusion of damaging substances such as glutamate, peroxides, and beta-amyloids.

The student population will be interested in a study that was conducted exactly on learners. The study started with a test – the students were given a memory exam. The test results were archived and afterwards, the same students were given a previously determined Huperzine A dosage in regular time intervals during the next four weeks.

The student body that had been tested was divided in two different groups – they were either given a Huperzine a dosage or a placebo, so that Huperzine A benefits could be precisely determined. At the end of testing, after four weeks, they were given another memory test.

However, unlike the first time, they also took a language test and a test in mathematics. Naturally, the tests were carefully put together in accordance with the educational material and lessons the students attended in the meantime.

The results were highly satisfactory and Huperzine A benefits were quite visible. Interestingly enough, the students weren’t able to comprehend math better.

On the other hand, a significant improvement in memory was obvious and every individual who was given Huperzine A and not a placebo showed an enhanced understanding of languages. Therefore, Huperzine A benefits lie in improving the user’s ability to retain and retrieve information.

Huperzine aSo, by using Huperzine A, you’ll be able to enhance capacity of your memory which means you’ll be able to retain more information. This supplement will make you sharper as well – if your intake of Huperzine A is regular, you’ll be able to shorten the time it takes to remember a particular piece of information. Every student who wasn’t given a placebo showed significant improvements in both of these aspects.

When it comes to studies conducted on patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, the results were also satisfactory and promising. Because of the nature of this disease, patients are often unable to endure regular daily activities. However, after over twenty different studies, Huperzine A showed itself to be a very useful supplement for those with Alzheimer’s.

Not only were Alzheimer’s patients able to improve their day-to-day functioning, but the results also showed that their cognitive properties were significantly improved.

At the time being, even more studies are being performed, but now with a different purpose – medical professionals in this area are trying to discover whether Huperzine A can slow down the progress of Alzheimer’s disease and whether it’s possible to get to the root of the problem by using this supplement in order to finally solve it.

Here a video of Dr. Meschino in which he explains research about Huperzine A improving memory and treating dementia disorders.

How Huperzine A Works

Huperzine A is a neuroprotectant – that means its features will enable your neurons to protect themselves from damage caused by:

• Glutamate
• Peroxides
• Beta-Amyloids

Not only will it enable your brain to stay healthy and vibrant, but Huperzine A also encourages neurogenesis. To be more precise, Huperzine A will enable your stem cells to create even more neurons. This is a less known fact – the adult brain generates new neurons constantly in specific areas. So, with Huperzine A, your stem cells will receive the proper stimulation to generate even more hard-working neurons.

Most studies conducted on Huperzine A are related to Alzheimer’s. For a person to create new memories, their mind is in need of acetylcholine. Because of it, your neurotransmitters are capable of transmitting information to the cortex.

However, because of glutamate, peroxides, and beta-amyloids, neurons get damaged and thus become unable to function properly. Drugs that are usually prescribed to Alzheimer patients have neuroprotective properties, much like Huperzine A, which is why the discovery of this drug was an important breakthrough in the fight against this disease.

Not only will it enable your brain to stay healthy and vibrant, but Huperzine A also encourages neurogenesis. To be more precise, Huperzine A will enable your stem cells to create even more neurons

Huperzine A Side Effects

Like every drug, this one should also be taken in accordance with your prescription or the advised dosage. For starters, you need to know that an overdose of Huperzine A can lead to many different side effects. Examinees who were faced with this situation manifested various problems starting with the inability to speak properly.

In extreme cases, Huperzine A side effects can cause inconvenient problems such as drooling, muscle spasms and twitching, slight digestive problems, then elevated blood pressure, and problems with the heart rate slowing down.

You should also know that the regular use of Huperzine A can lead to you developing a tolerance to this supplement. This shows that the alkaloid compound is more effective if used only when the need for it arises. It’s quite common that students who take it increase the dose by themselves when this happens, which can cause a series of consequences we just listed above.

There’s still no information when it comes to Huperzine A side effects during long-term usage. However, short-term trials which range from four to sixteen weeks showed that this supplement can cause:

• Upset Stomach
• Issues with Nausea
• Vomiting (in especially sensitive examinees)
• Diarrhea

Considering the fact that Huperzine A affected people’s heart rate and elevated their blood pressure in some of the studies, people who are already diagnosed with heart problems shouldn’t take this drug, because it can cause a line of serious problems and potentially react with drugs heart patients are already taking.

The side effects of taking Huperzine A during pregnancy are still unknown, so until there’s concrete data regarding this situation, women who are with child shouldn’t take it. Patients suffering from Alzheimer’s must consult their medical caregiver before taking it.

This is of vital importance, because only a professional can prescribe you a perfectly balanced cocktail of drugs that will work together in order to help you fight your disease.

Huperzine A Dosage

Although you should definitely see your regular doctor before making Huperzine A a part of your routine, there are recommended dosages that were examined in the previous studies. Naturally, the right dosage depends on the reason why you are taking it.

When it comes to the student body interested in this supplement, the safe Huperzine A dosage that will enhance the capacity of your memory, improve your cognitive functions, and enable you to retrieve information better is 200 mcg, which should be separated into two daily doses, so 100 mcg twice a day.

However, in order to avoid developing a tolerance to this alkaloid compound, you should terminate usage after three weeks. After a short pause, which should last no less than a week, you can make Huperzine A a part of your routine again.

Considering the fact that over twenty different trials were conducted on patients with Alzheimer’s disease, it was determined that the right Huperzine A dosage is between 50 mcg and 200 mcg twice per day – but the results showed that it’s a promising drug. However, we need to emphasize once again that those who suffer from Alzheimer’s shouldn’t include Huperzine A in their prescription without consulting their medical caregiver first. By failing to do this, you might cause a series of new problems.

Where to Buy Huperzine A

Student’s should be very careful when it comes to supplying themselves with supplements that are meant to improve their cognitive functions, memory and the ability to retain information faster. There’s usually a type of black market on campuses and faculties, which isn’t the right way to go.

The safest way to get Huperzine A is to go to the nearest pharmacy or – even more conveniently – order it online. These two brands are known for their quality, so you should definitely take them into consideration.

Buy from Source Naturals

Buy from Jalion Acres

If you order Source Naturals Huperzine A, you will get 120 tablets each containing 200 mcg of Huperzine A. On the other hand, Jalion Acres contains 180 capsules which have 200 mcg of this supplement. Your decision here depends on your purpose of ordering – obviously, Source Naturals is more appropriate for students who desire to increase their performance, while Jalion Acres is more suitable for Alzheimer’s patients.

Huperzine A Stacking

When it comes to Huperzine A stacking, you should know that it goes well together with the following supplements:

Alpha GPC
• Racetams

Depending on the needs of your body, you can add these supplements to your stack. Each of them will enhance the benefits of Huperzine A and you’ll be able to see significant improvements regarding your brain functions.


Because of the fact that student life can be quite stressful – constant work with deadlines, new educational material and exhausting testing – this is a supplement that can preserve your mind and enable you to bring your performance to a new level.

Students who desire to enhance their cognitive abilities, increase their memory capacity and become sharper, as well as those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, should be very careful when it comes to Huperzine A dosage. We already mentioned the side effects that Huperzine A may cause, so if you’re not careful when taking this supplement, you can cause a series of inconvenient and dangerous problems.

However, if you dose your Huperzine A properly, it can grant you many benefits. Because of its properties, this alkaloid component will preserve and protect your neurons. For patients of Alzheimer’s, this means that staying on top of their day-to-day activities will become easier.

When it comes to students, Huperzine A will enable them to become sharper and achieve better results. Therefore, if dosed correctly, Huperzine A can be very helpful in both cases.



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