Also Known As N-phenylacetyl-L-prolyglycine ethyl ester, GVS-111, Noopeptide
  • Peptide
Good for
  • Anxiety
  • Energy
  • Mood
  • Focus
  • Learning
Stacks Well With  

Dosage 10 -30 mg
Half-life 20 – 50 minutes

Nootropics, otherwise known as “smart drugs” serve as cognitive function enhancers and currently Noopept might be the most popular one among them. Unlike most nootropics, the effects of Noopept are noticeable right after consumption.


If you have any previous experience with nootropics, then you know that some of them can take up to a month to help you reach your full potential. Most nootropics users use mind enhancers in times of great stress – when you’re an overachiever, it’s rather difficult to use your full brain power when you feel pressured to meet your goals during the examination period.

So, waiting for a full month or even a week for your nootropic to kick in isn’t the best solution. When you use Noopept, also known as N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethylester, you’ll be able to feel an immediate enhancement upon taking it.

There are two more factors that affect the popularity of this Nootropic:

· Affordability
· Dosage

Because of the effects of Noopept, it’s usually placed in the same basket as Piracetam and Aniracetam. But, when compared with these two supplements, Noopept is up to 1500 times more powerful. Therefore, there’s a great difference between the potency of one milligram of Noopept and other nootropics – which makes it cheaper and lot simpler to dose.

Noopept Benefits and Effects

To best understand the benefits and effects of Noopept, and to know exactly how it can improve your brain functions, as well as the quality of your life, it’s best that you go through it’s features point by point. That way you’ll gain a frame of reference, and you’ll be able to compare the effects of Noopept with those of other Nootropics.

Memory Formation and Retrieval

As an overachiever, chances are your primary concern when it comes to Nootropics lies in their ability to help you learn.

What Piracetam and Noopept both have in common is that they help with memory formation – working memory is the most relevant factor when it comes to efficient learning. However, in order to use the knowledge stored in your memory maps, a nootropic also needs to assist you with memory consolidation and information retrieval.

Unlike Piracetam, Noopept can help you in the area of memory consolidation. This implies that your mind will find it a lot easier to process any kind of information that derives from different sources (so it doesn’t matter what type of your learner you are) and store it using a clean pathway.

When stored this way, a piece of information is also simpler to retrieve – a clean pathway will enable you to get faster to it and transport it back whenever you’re in need of it.

After you’ve been using Noopept for a while, you’ll also notice another effect; you’ll be able to learn longer without losing your focus or get saturated with new data. Not only will you be able to overcome and apply the learning material you’re dealing with, but you’ll also find it a lot simpler to remember people, dates, names, etc.

Besides, it’s been proven in a study that Noopept decreases stress levels, which will only contribute to the quality of your performance.

Noopept is a stimulant that will provide your mind with the means to create clear pathways and store your information neatly. By doing so, you won’t have problems with information retrieval – stress won’t be able to cloud your mind

Enhancement of NGF and BDNF

A study conducted on rats showed that, after a period of constant usage for twenty-eight days, examinees showed improvement in the areas of NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) and BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor).

NGF is a gene that belongs in the NGF-beta group – it is responsible for encouraging the production of a protein in charge of taking care of nerve cells. If it comes to mutation or improper functioning of the NGF gene, it can lead to:

· Allergic Rhinitis
· Autonomic Neuropathy
· Allergic Rhinitis

So it’s obvious that it plays a vital role in the proper functioning of the human mind. So, it’s also important to realize what “taking care of nerve cells” means.

This protein encourages nerve growth, so it’s necessary for the process of neurogenesis and it’s responsible for the maintenance of the existing nerve cells. In short, the NFG protein is vital for their survival.

BDNF is also a protein, but unlike the NGF, it’s produced inside the nerve cells. Its purpose is to assist nerve cells function, and to build the pathways which are later used by transmitters that transport information.

This protein is also quite useful when it comes to improving the quality of signal strength, because it’s responsible for attaching receptors to synapses. Like NGF, BDNF also encourages the growth of nerve cells and prolongs their lifespan.

Therefore, regular intake of Noopept will have a highly positive and long-term effect on the overall health of your nerve cells.

A Powerful Neuroprotectant

Neuronal loss is a natural process that occurs in time. However, for obvious reasons, most people would prefer to preserve their brain functions as much as possible. As shown in a 2002 study, Noopept can assist with this matter.

A number of studies showed that Noopept works as a powerful neuroprotectant, a supplement that is capable of preserving and prolonging the life of nerve cells. Like we mentioned, its effect on the brain proteins encourages neurogenesis, which will increase the number of nerve cells.

Furthermore, it’s capable of stopping the process of oxidation, which is the reason why the number of nerve cells decreases in time and they die out – otherwise known as the process of apoptosis.

Improved Hemispheres Collaboration

Because of the effect that Noopept has on your brain, another consequence of the intake of this nootropic is improved hemisphere collaboration.

The fact is that the hemispheres of your brain have different duties, so to speak, so the centers responsible for different functions are located in different areas of the brain. For you to be able to reach your full potential and achieve the desired results, it’s necessary for your brain hemispheres work together efficiently.

Noopept will provide your mind with the stimulus that will enable you to enhance your overall brain function by assisting you in not only developing ideas, but conducting them as well. You will also be able to better recall your memories, people, and situations, which will eventually help you with the further development of your problem-solving skills.

The improvement in collaboration between hemispheres is a result of Noopept intake, because it has a positive effect on the functionality of brain blood vessels, as shown in this study. This is just another point that contributes to the claim mentioned in the beginning – that the regular use of Noopept will improve the quality of your life.

After you’ve been using Noopept for a while, you’ll also notice another effect; you’ll be able to learn longer without losing your focus

How does Noopept Works

To further deepen your knowledge about this “smart drug”, you should get informed about what happens when you ingest Noopept. Many people who are interested in brain supplements usually decide to drop the idea of using them because the lack of precise information that eventually makes them think that nootropics are unsafe. In order to clear any doubt from your mind, you should find out how Noopept works and how your mind will respond to it.

Noopept enables proper information storing. The problem that many adults are faced with is to perform under pressure. The fear of failure usually results in panic, which is when stress comes in. There’s only a small percentage of people who perform better while they are under stress – chances are you know whether you’re one of them or not.

Noopept is a stimulant that will provide your mind with the means to create clear pathways and store your information neatly. By doing so, you won’t have problems with information retrieval – stress won’t be able to cloud your mind.

A study based on measuring brain activity showed increased brain function, and even the superiority of Noopept in comparison to Piracetam.

It’s a Nootropic that enhances the function of brain proteins. Brain proteins are in charge of production and maintenance of nerve cells. When the process of neurogenesis slows down, which is a natural consequence of aging, people are able to remember less and they have more difficulties with retrieving information.

With regular use of this “smart drug”, you’ll be able to maintain and even increase the number of nerve cells in your brain. Noopept properties affect brain proteins, encourage their production, and increase their activity.

It helps deal with minor cognitive disorders. Although they seem benign, minor cognitive problems (as shown in this study) and repetitive issues in the area of storing information in either long-term or short-term memory can lead to the development of more serious problems, like Alzheimer’s. Besides, they can also build up frustrations and anxiety, which can lead to personality disorders.

Noopept will enable you to pay closer attention, participate in everyday conversations and interact with people around you, perform better and achieve your goals.

Noopept is an enemy to the process of oxidation. The reason why your mind becomes slower in time is the oxidation process. When exposed to oxygen, brain cells die out. If you introduce Noopept to your nutrition, however, it will serve as a neuroprotectant. It will give your nerve cells a protective layer that will save them from apoptosis – which was confirmed in another study.

You’ll be able to feel its effect up to twenty minutes after taking Noopept. What makes Noopept superior to other nootropics is the time necessary for a user to feel it’s effect – it will take up to twenty minutes to notice that your brain function is enhanced.

It connects synapses to receptors. The reason why Noopept helps with information retrieval is another effect that it has on brain proteins – it will encourage them to help synapses connect with the receptor. Because of this, neurotransmitters will be able to travel faster, allowing you to quickly fetch a piece of data you’re in need of at any given moment.

Noopept will assist you with gaining focus and clarity. Because of all the features of Noopept listed so far, it’s obvious that it will provide you with everything necessary to enhance your thought process, decrease confusion, increase your brain function and – be smarter.

Noopept Dosage

As mentioned in the beginning, Noopept is up to 1500 times stronger when compared to other supplements in the nootropic family, so the recommended doses are quite small.

It’s not recommended to take doses larger than 40 mg during a twenty-four hour period. If you want to use the full potential of this “smart drug”, you should spread the doses throughout the day and take it up to three times. The dose shouldn’t exceed 20mg, so make sure to keep it between 10 mg and 20 mg, depending on how you schedule your use.

NoopeptYou should always take the smallest dose that work for you, so that you don’t develop a resistance to it. Furthermore, you should be aware of the fact that Noopept should be used up to three weeks in one cycle. Before using it again, make sure to take at least a one month break.

Noopept Stacking

Although Noopept is quite effective alone, you can package it with other supplements in order to create a mixture with a more powerful effect.

Piracetam and Noopept work well together. A 2008 study showed that this combination has a positive effect on the functionality of brain blood vessels, and that it’s quite helpful for people with minor cognitive disorders.

If you stack 10mg of Noopept with 2g Piracetam, you’ll be able to influence the effectiveness of your neurotransmitters as well. A choline supplement, like Alpha GPC (300mg of it to be precise), increases the functionality of Piracetam, which makes it a welcome addition to this package.

10mg of Noopept goes well with 1 g Aniracetam. This is a supplement that will have a positive effect on your stress levels and help you decrease anxiety. If you add 300 mg of Sulbutiamine to the mixture, it will help you start the creative processes in your mind. Once again, 300 mg Alpha GPC will only make the effect of the mixture more powerful.

Noopept Side Effects

The only manifestation of side-effects of Noopept are noticed when users took larger doses then recommended. In those situation, issues like headaches, anxiety, inability to calm down, and fatigue were noticed.

The Experience

My personal experience with Noopept showed that it truly has amazing benefits on the human mind. Like many, I have problems with performance anxiety – it clouds my mind, which leads to problems with learning and information retrieval.

I used it for two weeks, twice a day, and my dose didn’t exceed 10mg per day. I scheduled my doses only in the testing periods or when I needed to pull an all-nighter, so I didn’t develop a tolerance for this nootropic. Also, none of the side effects manifested during my use of Noopept.

Where to Buy Noopept

In the majority of cases, Noopept is sold in capsules. This “smart drug” gained popularity in Russia and the territory around it, but it’s now sold worldwide.

Because it just recently became popular in the West, you might not be able to find it in your local pharmacy stores, even if they are well-equipped. Therefore, you can look for them on AbsorbYourHealth and they will conveniently be shipped out and brought to your doors.

Buy from AbsorbYourHealth

The Conclusion

As seen in numerous studies, the benefits and effects of Noopept are truly great. Anyone who has trouble performing under stress, or just wants to reach their full potential, can use this supplement to achieve their goals.

Because of its effect on brain proteins, Noopept will encourage the growth of nerve cells, increase their number, and control the activity of proteins, so that they take proper care of the cells.

Furthermore, this is a supplement that can help anyone with minor cognitive problems improve the quality of their life. It can also assist you with achieving clarity of mind, because it has a positive effect on memory formation and information retrieval.


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