Sunifiram is another addition to the category of nootropics, also known as smart drugs. Although it derives from piracetam, it doesn’t belong in the same family because of the breaking of the pyrrolidone backbone. Unlike other smart drugs, sunifiram was discovered quite recently in 2000, and its properties are the subject of ongoing trials.


Sunifiram is chemically synthesized from Piracetam, and it’s official lab name is DM-235. Because of its contents, this Nootropic belongs to the family of piperazine alkaloids. Considering that this is a fairly young Nootropic and that it’s been a part of this world for less than two decades, it hasn’t been around long enough for it to be properly tested.

However, the studies conducted so far show that it’s up to 1000 times more powerful than the whole class of racetams, which is why it deserves our undivided attention. Considering its potency, it’s believed that the properties of sunifiram might be the missing puzzle piece when it comes to finding a cure for neurological diseases such as:

· Amnesia (as shown in this study)
· Alzheimer’s
· Parkinson’s

However, the information regarding sunifiram’s potency isn’t valuable only to those who suffer from severe neurological conditions, but also to everyone who wants to use their full brain power. What we know so far about this Nootropic is that it can enhance one’s memory properties and speed up the learning process.

Everyone who finds life quite stressful and who can’t perform under pressure because of anxiety should be happy to know that sunifiram is also a mighty mood booster; it’s components will not only make you sharper, but they will also make you feel better and increase your energy levels.

Another interesting fact that’s a result of the studies conducted on animals so far is that sunifiram is actually far less damaging than the nootropics in the racetam family.

Sunifiram Benefits and Effects

Considering the fact that nootropics and their derivatives are numerous, it can be challenging to decide on one of them. The best way to do so and to be confident in your decision is to go over the benefits of each one that made your top list, and find out all you can about its effects. With that in mind, here’s what you need to know about sunifiram.

Considering that this is a fairly young Nootropic and that it’s been a part of this world for less than two decades, it hasn’t been around long enough for it to be properly tested

Short-Term Memory Enhancement

What makes Nootropics so popular among students is their ability to enhance the memory capabilities of the human brain. Unlike other nootropics, sunifiram is helpful when it comes to enhancing short-term memory.

This further means that, if you start using sunifiram regularly and in the recommended doses, it will be much easier for you to remember information. This can come very handy when you have to prepare for an upcoming testing period.

Sunifiram is a supplement that will allow you to promptly reach a piece of information you’re in need of and apply it to everyday situations. However, a downside of using this nootropic is that it affects mostly your short-term memory. So, most of the information gathered while you’re using it will only be temporarily available.

Learning Capabilities Enlargement

Another thing that you’ll experience while using this smart drug is that the limits of your memory will extend. Not only will you be able to remember things and concept faster, but you’ll also feel a significant difference in the quantity of information you are able to retain – an abundance of new data will find its way into your mind and it will stay there. It’s potential as a powerful cognitive enhancer was a subject of this study.

Strong Focus and Concentration

What often occurs as a consequence of stressful periods is the lack of focus and the inability to concentrate. This problem varies from person to person, but in severe cases it can escalate to the point that a learner is completely unable to pay attention.

Sunifiram can help you increase your attention span – which is probably the reason why it’s so popular among students and top managers . You’ll be able to notice small details and transport them to your long-term memory; which can also be quite useful during classes.

A Remedy for Coping with Anxiety

This isn’t a problem only students are faced with; adults whose work is being watched closely, which usually precedes a promotion, also have issues with performance anxiety.

Stress and anxiety in serious amounts can even lead to severe problems and result in depression. However, this is something sunifiram can help with, because it has proven itself as a great ally when it comes to coping with negative feelings. You can gather more information about the effects of sunifiram on depression by going over this study conducted on mice.

Visual Receptors Improvement

This piece of information should come handy to you – sunifiram has a way of encouraging human visual receptors. That means that you’ll be able to learn much faster by using visual aids; your mind will act like a sponge soaked in water when you’re confronted with this particular stimulus.

A Powerful Energy Booster

Considering the fact that sunifiram imitates some characteristics of amphetamine, you’ll be able to see a significant change in your behavior. As opposed to the usual way you’d feel before a testing period – walking around with a rain cloud above your head – now you’ll be energized and positive.

Other than having a beneficial influence on the user’s mood, sunifiram also showed an interesting side effect – it has the power to increase one’s sex drive, as well, due to its aphrodisiac properties.

Experts recommend that you use this supplement for no longer than a week, which makes it very suitable for testing sessions. If you use it for a longer time period you will build up a tolerance, so make sure to take it in cycles followed by breaks.

How Sunifiram Works

Regulates Glutamine Activity

Glutamine is a neurotransmitter vital for the health of brain synapses – synaptic plasticity in technical terms. This neurotransmitter is responsible for the activity of synapses and it can either instruct them to work hard or take it slow.

When you ingest a dose of sunifiram and after it arrives to your brain using your cardiovascular system, this nootropic will stimulate glutamine and instruct it to alert your synapses. This kind of impulse will awaken your neurons, to put it in layman terms, which is why you’ll be able to form memories more effectively.

That signal is sunifiram’s most powerful feature – it’s what will enable you to take in information, remember it, and use it at any given moment. Take a look at this study to learn more about how sunifiram affects synaptic plasticity.

Furthermore, this chemical reaction in your mind will not only awaken your neurons, but you as well. This is the reason why you’ll feel energized and positive, like we mentioned earlier. However, unlike most supplements that possess the same property, you won’t have to battle with a feeling of restlessness and anxiety. It will be like experiencing the effects of a quality cup of coffee, imported from tropical areas around Ecuador, but without feeling jumpy or edgy as you would from the caffeine.

Sunifiram EffectsStimulates Acetylcholine

Similarly to piracetam, this nootropic also stimulates acetylcholine, another neurotransmitter. If you’re unable to concentrate and keep your focus, you should know that acetylcholine is the one to blame; this neurotransmitter is in charge of your attention span.

With the use of sunifiram, you’ll be able to establish full control of your cognitive abilities; you’ll be able to study longer, learn faster, and use the full potential of your brain power whenever you’re in need of it.

And another thing – acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter that responds to visual stimuli. As mentioned above, you should take advantage of visual aids while you’re using this supplement, because sunifiram will literally broaden your horizons by enabling you to transfer more information to your brain using your eyes.

Sunifiram Dosage

Considering the fact that we don’t yet have enough information about this nootropic, it’s difficult to determine the right dosage. However, like with other smart drugs, dosing sunifiram is mostly individual, although there are limits within which a user should stay.

Although trials are still being conducted, it is believed that sunifiram is up to a thousand times more potent than piracetam. So, unlike with piracetam, where the recommended upper limit shouldn’t exceed 4800 mg (depending on the bodyweight), doses of sunifiram should be significantly lower – your daily dose shouldn’t exceed 30 mg.

However, it’s recommended that you start with a dose of 5 mg and take it three times per day. When you start building a tolerance to this supplement and start feeling like that 5 mg dose no longer has the desired effect, you can increase it, but do so gradually.

You should be able to feel its effect within an hour after ingestion. Experts recommend that you use this supplement for no longer than a week, which makes it very suitable for testing sessions. If you use it for a longer time period you will build up a tolerance, so make sure to take it in cycles followed by breaks.

Sunifiram Stacking

Once again, the lack of information we have on this nootropic prevents us from knowing the best way to stack and mix it with other supplements.

However, similar to other supplements in the family, sunifiram goes well with other nootropics. So, stacking it with piracetam or noopept, for example, will enhance its benefits.

Considering the fact that Piracetam reacts with Acetylcholine as well, and that it drains choline levels in the human brain much like sunifiram does, it’s highly recommended to use a quality choline source such as Alpha GPC. Whether you’re using a combination of these two nootropics or just one of them, introducing Alpha GPC to your diet is definitely a smart choice.

Sunifiram Side Effects

Because it’s a new supplement, and because not one human trial has been conducted yet, the side effects of this Nootropic are still unfamiliar.

However, results of animal studies are fairly reassuring; in most cases, the use of Sunifiram didn’t lead to any consequences. A minority of examinees manifested a few temporary issues, like:

· accelerated breathing
· nausea
· anxiety

However, if you don’t exceed recommended doses, chances are you won’t experience any of these issues. You should also know that headaches are a consequence of a lack of choline, so whenever you feel one coming on, you should turn to Alpha GPC.

The Sunifiram Experience

Although I personally had a positive reaction to this supplement, I have colleagues who didn’t feel a huge change. The fact is that there’s always a difference in how people react to nootropics, but it’s usually not this severe. So, you should be aware of the fact that you might become significantly sharper and smarter while using Sunifiram, or you might only feel a slight difference.

Where to Buy Sunifiram 

The first thing you’ll notice when browsing through different sunifiram products is that its price is considerably higher when compared to other nootropics, especially piracetam. The difference in price is a result of a difference in potency; with sunifiram you’ll need significantly larger doses in order to achieve the desired effect, which is why smaller quantities are pricier.

Because this is a fairly new product, chances are you won’t be able to find it in your local pharmacy. However, you won’t have any issues with finding it on Amazon, which is the most convenient way to get this smart drug.

One more thing; the black market often exists on many student campuses. The truth is that you can never be sure of what someone is trying to sell – it’s a lot smarter to order an intact product that’s legal and safe to use, than to experiment with unverified substances.


The only problem that follows this Nootropic is lack of information. It’s still unclear how exactly it functions, although every study conducted so far shows only benefits. One thing is sure – it’s potency is seriously promising, and not only for students who want to achieve their goals, but also for patients suffering from different neurological disorders.

However, using this smart drug by following the guidelines regarding recommended doses will enable you to:

· Remember information much faster
· Deal with stress and anxiety
· Boost your energy levels
· Have an improved reaction to visual stimuli
· Maintain focus and concentration

Considering its effects and benefits, as well as the lack of side effects, if you’re looking for an effective smart drug, sunifiram is definitely worth your while.


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