In circles empowered by knowledge, smart drugs are nothing peculiar. Over the years, they’ve helped university students master complex assignments, and enabled employed brainiacs to tackle important questions. Today, they are more fast-acting, more long-lasting, and more potent than ever.

When biohackers and Silicon Valley gods look for effective brain supplements, they look for nootropics.

When they look for powerful nootropics, they look for CILTEP.

Endorsed by inspiring entrepreneurs like Tim Ferriss and creative celebrities like Joe Rogan, this cognitive enhancer is not your usual stack of smart goodies. From its origin story to its list of ingredients to its mind-blowing effects, CILTEP is unique in more ways than one.

In this article, we’ll discuss them all.

What Makes CILTEP Different?

In terms of cognitive enhancement, all nootropics are revolutionary. Like other smart drugs, they improve cognition, enhance memory, and sharpen focus. Unlike them, they actually work. Another difference – a pretty important one, I would say – is that nootropics are made fully safe and secure.

Speaking of revolutionary, CILTEP is still the only nootropic stack that truly deserves the title.

It did made history, after all.

While some nootropics get stacked in a way that sounds more powerful than it actually is, the ingredients mashed into CILTEP have all undergone a rigorous research

While some nootropics get stacked in a way that sounds more powerful than it actually is, the ingredients mashed into this one have all undergone a rigorous research. They are all also completely natural. But, what is even more interesting (and significant) is the story of how CILTEP came to be.

For the first time in history of smart drugs, the formula for one nootropic stack was envisioned, vetted, developed, and improved upon testing by an online community. A world renowned biohacker by the name of Abelard Lindsey created it, true, but it was the Longecity group that made it work.

Though CILTEP is not a particularly exhilarating acronym, the concept behind it is. Standing for Chemically Induced Long Term Potentiation, it evokes another equally brilliant phenomenon that allows rewiring of one’s brain, and with that, a brainpower similar to that of Limitless’ Eddie Morra.

In neuroscience, long term potentiation (LTP) refers to “a persistent strengthening of synapses based on recent patterns of activity”. In plain language, it sets to reprogram the brain’s nerve connections, thus enhancing not only its thought patterns, but also everything they get in touch with.

Definitions aside, LTP offers a thrillingly advanced way of increasing one’s ability to acquire, store, and use new information. If you are a true nerd like the rest of us, you know what this means. If not, I’ll give you a hint – it has to do with learning, motivation, focus, consistency, and excellence.

That’s essentially how CILTEP works. Its formula is pure and effective, and it makes mental performance a rewarding breeze that lasts throughout the day.

CILTEP Ingredients

When asked how he approached the process of creating the formula, Lindsey referred to one theory and one study.

The theory, established in 19th century, gave him idea about chemically induced long-term potentiation, which was even then deemed a powerful cellular mechanism that improves learning ability and memory formation.

The study, written and published in 2004, inspired him to stack CILTEP with the following all-natural ingredients.

Artichoke Extract

Long before it was even considered as nootropic, artichoke was labelled as superfood and hailed for its all-around health benefits.

In their purest, all-natural form, the leaves of the artichoke plant and the extract derived from them were used in Greek and Roman cultures, were they were said to mitigate, if not completely eliminate, symptoms of common diseases.

In modern times, the science has confirmed the artichoke’s powerful effect on patients suffering from diabetes, high cholesterol, digestive health, heart disease, liver dysfunction, and even cancer.

Lindsey need to use the artichoke extract, called artskolin, for CILTEP’s synergy of two components and one pretty complicated molecular process that happens between them.


To make complicated subject a little simpler, let’s begin by saying that artskolin is one of the safest and most effective PD4E inhibitors.

Now, we need to introduce another neuroscience term – cAMP molecules – and understand that they act as a second messenger system that relays signals in the brain. They tend to break down, which is not so good for our brain’s mental performance, namely alertness, memory, and cognition.

Fortunately, artichoke’s PF4E prevents this from happening, thus stabilizing the levels of cAMP.


But, could cAMP levels be actually increased?

The answer is yes, thanks to another plant called Coleus Forskohlii. Its roots are packed with forskolin, which activates the enzyme called “adenylyl cyclase” and thus indirectly increases the levels of cAMP.


Conveniently enough, the artichoke extract doesn’t only stop cAMP molecules from breaking down. It also enhances the effect of forskolin – when these two ingredients are combined, they synergistically increase memory and learning power.

The artichoke extract and forskolin are therefore the two key ingredients Lindsey used for devising a CILTEP formula. The first acting as PD4E inhibitor and the second as cAMP enhancer, it’s only together that they make long-term potentiation possible.


But, Lindsey needed another pinch of magic. He shortly found it in L-Phenylalanine, an essential amino acid that makes our brains happy and rejuvenated. When consumed, it turns into L-Tyrosine, which then helps the brain produce dopamine.

Added to the CILTEP mixture, L-Phenylalanine boosts confidence, motivating the brain to reach farther and achieve more.

Acetyl L-Carnitine

The trouble was, as forskolin enhanced the cAMP levels, it also increased an enzyme called acetylcholinesterase, and consequently, in a long reaction chain, reduced the levels of an important neurotransmitter called acetylcholine, and decreased short-term memory and energy levels with that.

To solve this problem, Lindsey added the fourth ingredient, Acetyl L-Carnitine. In the final formula that we use today, Acetyl L-Carnitine brings balance to both levels of acetylcholinesterase and those of acetylcholine, thus eliminating the risk of short-term memory and energy loss.

Ciltep Benefits and Effects

It’s fairly obvious from its ingredient list that CILTEP provides a trifecta of benefits.

First, it revamps the brain’s ability to store, retain, and use new information, thus facilitating every learning experience. This includes enhanced long-term memory and sharpened focus.

Then, it boosts confidence in this same ability, making the user far more motivated to learn, think, and devise.

CILTEP rejuvenates the brain by restoring its energy levels, which in turn triggers improvements in the user’s overall mood.

Finally, CILTEP rejuvenates the brain by restoring its energy levels, which in turn triggers improvements in the user’s overall mood.

For these three main benefits combined, CILTEP is used and valued not only by nootropic fanatics, but by all thinkers, creatives, visionaries, and inventors. Their experiences with the supplement are very much alike, with nearly all of them reporting a mind-blowing enhancement of mental performance.

Tim Ferriss declares himself as “a huge fan of this stack”, but also notes that he usually needs to sleep for 12 hours the next day because of the way CILTEP drives his brain to the overperformance mode.

Martin Jacobson, a great guy you might know as the 2014 World Series of Poker Champion, claims CILTEP helped him endure the mental challenge of trying to win WSOP for seven weeks straight.

So, is it a good marketing or does CILTEP actually work in the way it’s promised?

The Experience

Those of us who have tried it (but are not public personas with some interest in recommending the goods we don’t believe in) experienced more or less the same thing. The first shared impression is that CILTEP works really fast.

Ciltep Review30 minutes after the dosage, the stack activates alertness. Shortly after, it boosts the mood. If you take it in time for a studying or a brainstorming session, the effects of CILTEP will immediately start to power up your brain, increasing productivity and focus. As the session continues, and you brain opens up more and more, the supplement gives you a better understanding of the subject at hand. The mental links are thereby vivid and simple, and the picture is impressively holistic, broad and clear.

After a while, the apparent mood lift turns the user into an enthusiast. Gained at the very start, the confidence increases along with the ability to master difficult tasks and generate amazing ideas. Some CILTEP buffs note enhanced sociability as well, while a handful of them go as far as to say that the supplement gives them a sort of a god complex and a megalomania-like state of mind in which all concepts are not only easily understandable, but also effortless to retain, expand on, and improve.

A number of studies have found that LTP eliminates anxiety, which is exactly what the majority of users experience upon taking CILTEP. For the duration of the effect – it typically lasts for around 8 to 12 hours – pressure, stress, and jitters are all subsided.

Ciltep Side Effects

Like Tim Ferriss, a lot of CILTEP users have experienced a system crash after a day or two of intensive brainwork. This is the main negative side effect of using the supplement, though it can’t be said that it is an unexpected one.

Try studying hard for two days straight, and with or without any smart drugs, your brainpower will be depleted. Nevertheless, another dose of CILTEP will have no apparent effects if you don’t allow your system to power up. A short nap won’t do – if you disconnect your batteries before they are 100% full, you’ll end up feeling not only tired, but also groggy and in a terrible mood.

This side effect has a lot to do with CILTEP’s immense potency. What users (and general public) need to understand is that smart drugs make an already well-performing mind overperform, pushing it to the very limits of its biologically inherited ingenuity. CILTEP, and other similar nootropics, are called brain enhancers for a very good reason.

Since so, side effects cannot be avoided. The important thing here – and this could hardly be overstressed – is that the distress they cause to your organism is in no way greater or more harmful than that caused by a productive all-nighter.

The food issue, for instance, is something that they both have in common. CILTEP won’t make you feel satiated, but it will make you forget to eat. Your resources will be used up more quickly than usually, which will result in an eventual overdrive.

Luckily, there is something you can do to make this overdrive as less intensive as possible.

For starters, steer clear from caffeine. You don’t really need it if you’re using a smart drug, and the combination of the two will make it pretty impossible to sleep. Also, remember to eat and maintain a healthy diet. If it’s going to work for two days straight, your organism will need as much nutrition as it can get.

Ciltep Dosage

After side effects, we need to discuss dosage. Not only because an excessive use of CILTEP can make your system crash way more quickly, but also because it can lead to another unwanted side effect – tolerance building.

The usage of CILTEP has to be cycled with care.

The transparency of ingredients and instructions is another refreshing difference between this and other nootropic stacks, and the only thing you should do is follow them step-by-step. Whatever you’re using to enhance your brainpower, the rules are always the same – do it responsibly.

As indicated on the packaging, CILTEP should be used 4 to 5 days in a row, after which it should be left alone for another 2 to 3 days.

One serving size of CILTEP is one capsule. For both practical and health-related reasons, it is not recommended to take more than 2 capsules per day. There’s 60 of them in one bottle, and a third capsule would leave you short on your brainpower supplies in a very short time.

Tolerance is another issue, so stick to the schedule and dosage.

Where to Buy Ciltep

If you have used smart drugs before, you know that finding them takes little time and effort. They are everywhere around these days, but as always with saturated markets and products in high demand, they are not all equally effective or even safe.

The rule of thumb here is to buy nootropics directly from the vendor, or to order it from trusted wholesale websites like Amazon. In case of CILTEP, this means visiting a Natural Stacks’ official page:

Buy from Natural Stacks


It was a lengthy article, I know, and some sciency stuff weren’t so easy to swallow. If you take a capsule of CILTEP and read it again, I promise that the journey will last much shorter.

Until then, I will leave you with my personal verdict. Unlike other smart drugs that spend more money on marketing and less on actual research, development, and stacking, CILTEP does work as promised. Its effects can be felt almost immediately, and they last for an impressive 8 to 12 hours.

In the meantime, you will experience alertness and attentiveness, enhanced concentration and interest in what you’re doing, confidence in your ability to perform and motivation to perform better, a brilliant retention power and understanding of the subject, an influx of ideas and a great amount of productivity to handle them all. If you’re suffering from anxiety, whether you’re studying for an exam, or trying to meet a project deadline, CILTEP will make you forget about it. You’ll be in a fantastic mood for becoming a better, more knowledgeable version of yourself, and you’ll have enough brainpower to actually achieve your goals.

For those who are always hungry for more, CILTEP is worth trying.

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