Neuro Peak doesn’t only sound catchy, but it is also a famous natural nootropic formula known for its numerous benefits. It’s ingredients are very powerful cognitive boosters, stress relievers and mood enhancers. In the biohacker circles, Neuro Peak is referred to as a memory and focus supplement.

If you are interested into getting Neuro Peak, you are in the right place. We have done some serious research on this natural nootropic formula and its ingredients, benefits, side effects, and proper dosage. Here is what we’ve found.


The company that stands behind this powerful formula is Zhou Nutrition, a nutrition and food supplements company located in Kansas City, MO. The primary goal of Zhou Nutrition is to create formulas that “bring out the greatness inside of you, and help you flourish in every area of life”.

As of the time of this writing, you can only find the 30 capsule bottles on the market, but the company does have a very convenient refund/return policy with an amazing 60 day money-back guarantee.

The company sets itself apart from the competitors by pouring scientific knowledge into their perfectly balanced formulas – Neuro Peak is one of the most renowned nootropic products that was created with great care. It’s premium formula contains the perfect amount of each active ingredient and was designed to support clarity, memory and focus.

On top of all this, Neuro Peak is a natural nootropic. What does that mean? The unique combination of ingredients found in Neuro Peak boosts cognition and memory in several different ways, without any serious side effects. The Zhou Nutrition’s team of experts was able to design a perfect blend of ingredients that improves cognition by helping support circulation and the flow of oxygen in the neurons, brain cells and brain.

Neuro Peak is also a formula marketed as a stress and anxiety reliever, and mood booster. This formula was developed to help people achieve peak mental performance during the day, as it packs several different brain enhancers in a single bottle. If you decide to get Neuro Peak you will certainly make some space in your supplement cabinet or shelf.

The company operates under FDA & GMB compliance rules and regulations. These ensure that Neuro Peak is a high quality, non-GMO and clean product when it leaves the facilities of Zhou Nutrition. Let’s see what the ingredients are that make this formula so powerful and renowned.

Neuro Peak Ingredients

As you can see a bottle of Neuro Peak comes with 30 capsules that contain a perfectly balanced nootropic formula that will boost your cognitive performance, improve mood and attention and increase your mental energy. Here is what each of the capsules contain:

· Vitamin B-12 (Cyanocobalamin) 500 mg
· Bacopa Monnieri (20% Bacosides, whole plant) 300 mg
· Phosphatidylserine 100 mg
· Ginkgo Biloba (24% Ginkgo Flavone Glycosides, leaf) 100 mg
· Rhodiola Rosea Extract (Salidroside 3%, Rosavins 1%, root) 50 mg
· DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol Bitartrate, choline molecule found naturally in the human brain) 50 mg

As you can see, the list of ingredients is quite powerful and the mixture is scientifically formulated with great care. This is why Neuro Peak is considered to be one of the best premium formulas to support clarity, focus and memory, providing peak performance with consistent use.

Neuro Peak is considered to be one of the best premium formulas to support clarity, focus and memory, providing peak performance with consistent use.

The specially developed manufacturing process ensures that every capsule has all the premium ingredients in the same ratio, thus providing consistent results.

Neuro Peak Benefits and Effects

The Neuro Peak formula has very powerful benefits. The top ones go as follows:

· Mental Energy and Alertness
· Focus and Clarity of Mind
· Memory and Mental Accuracy
· Positive Mood

Let’s see which of the above-mentioned ingredients are responsible for these benefits.

Memory and Mental Accuracy

Bacopa Monnieri improves memory performance. In a study with 92 participants, scientists have confirmed that Bacopa has several very important beneficial effects. It significantly improves memory acquisition, verbal learning and response rate.

There is another study that proves that Bacopa Monnieri improves knowledge retention. In fact, 76 healthy participants displayed increased levels of retention when they were asked to learn new information. Scientists explain that this is due to the antioxidant properties of Bacopa Monnieri, which significantly reduce the rate of memory loss.

Our mental accuracy relies on how healthy or nervous system is, which is why Zhou Nutrition included DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) in their Nero Peak formula. DMAE is a powerful antioxidant that protects our nerve cells from the damage caused by free radicals. In addition DMAE has alertness-increasing effects and benefits our spatial memory. DMAE is also known for some other positive effects on the human body and overall wellbeing.

Phosphatidylserine is a substance responsible for providing our brains with more power and improving our memory, especially in elderly people. This is a chemical compound very similar to fat and it can be quite often found in different nootropic formulas. Some studies have labeled this chemical compound as a promising candidate for treating memory loss later in life. There are also other studies that confirm the positive effect of phosphatidylserine on cognitive decline in elderly people.

Vitamin B12 intake is extremely important in preventing and treating neurodegenerative diseases. This study confirms that Alzheimer’s disease significantly reduces the B12 levels in the blood, thus increasing the importance of B12 intake through supplements.

Mental Energy and Alertness

In a double-blind study, which included 62 healthy subjects, scientist examined the nootropic effects of bacopa monnieri. They came to a conclusion that it increases energy levels, as well as alertness in patients.

The capacity for mental work had also been significantly increased in military cadets who participated in a Rhodiola Rosea study. In addition, study participants reported that they felt a lot less fatigued after they started taking the Rhodiola supplements.

Since vitamin B12 is used by our bodies to convert carbs into glucose, it helps us to maintain our energy levels throughout the day. The symptoms of Vitamin B12 deficiency are mental and physical fatigue.

Vitamin B12 is also an important chemical compound that our bodies use to properly trigger neurotransmitters in our nerve synapses. This is why the recommended daily intake prevents fatigue from occurring, especially in mentally and physically active people.

Phosphatidylserine is a substance that improves learning capabilities of people who are in a fatigued state. Regular intake of this substrate also leads to increased accuracy in athletic endeavours (study done on golfers). In a double-blind study, 18 healthy male participants displayed improved accuracy and speed of calculations despite their fatigue and mood state.

Focus and Clarity of Mind

Ginkgo Biloba actively increases the level of oxygen in our brains by improving the blood flow. Ginkgo Biloba is known for its positive effects on mental capacity, focus and clarity of the mind. It is frequently found in nootropic formulas because it is very effective. By improving focus and clarity Ginkgo Biloba also improves memory and mental accuracy.

A research paper published in 1999 states that Ginkgo Biloba extract positively affects memory, specifically working memory. The same paper states that the best results were seen in the individuals belonging to the 50-59 years age group.

Ginkgo Biloba extract and its effects on memory were also examined in another study. The scientists confirmed that Gingko Biloba extract is an effective agent that prevents and slows the dementia and memory loss.

Bacopa Monnieri is a powerful nootropic found in Neural Peak formula. It has beneficial effects for both healthy and persons in cognitive decline. In one Australian study, patients treated with Bacopa Monnieri experienced significantly improved memory retention and acquisition.

In one more study, Bacopa Monnieri had similar effects. The researches have come to a conclusion that it significantly improves attention as the subjects didn’t pay attention to irrelevant information after they had taken Bacopa Monnieri.

Rhodiola Rosea also improves mental fitness – a double-blind study confirmed that it improves neuromotor fitness by 10% over 20 days of supplementation.

On the other hand, Phosphatidylserine is known to increase attention – 36 subjects (children) in a double-blind study experienced these benefits after two months of supplementation. They had improved short-term auditory memory and were significantly less impulsive. The participants with ADHD syndrome experienced reduced symptoms.

Positive Mood

Bacopa Monnieri has positive effects on the mood and alleviates symptoms of anxiety. In a Helfgott Research Institute study researches confirmed these positive effects by measuring pre- and post-treatment depression and anxiety scores.

One of the most powerful ingredients in Neuro Peak is the Rhodiola Rosea extract. This herb has been an inseparable part of traditional chinese medicine for many centuries. It promotes both cognitive and physical vitality, and reduces exhaustion and fatigue for those who are exposed to prolonged stress.

Neuro Peak ReviewBy reducing fatigue, Rhodiola Rosea improves the mood of people who take it as a supplement. In one study scientists confirmed that this extract helped the participants perform better at work and in a social environment by reducing their fatigue and improving their mood.

When compared to the other supplements, Rhodiola Rosea is quite superior when it comes to improving the mood of stressed individuals. It significantly reduces dysfunction and fatigue in individuals who are exposed to both life- and work-related stress.

It also packs the power to reduce the symptoms of depression in persons who have been clinically diagnosed with depression. This was confirmed in a 6 month long double-blind study.

Vitamin B12 is known for its many beneficial effects. It has been confirmed that it boosts the mood and helps us deal with stress, and it is already being used as part of a treatment that helps patients overcome depression.

In a triple-blind study, scientists had evaluated the effect of Ginkgo Biloba on the mood. The persons involved in this treatment reported significant improvement – they were in a better mood and they also experienced improvements in their sex life.

The majority of people who started taking the Neuro Peak capsules did not experience any side effects, even after they had been on the Neuro Peak capsules for several months.

Neuro Peak Side Effects

When looking for a cognitive booster supplement it is important to get familiar with the side effects it may cause. As for Neuro Peak, there are very few side effect reports. People who are complaining report that they have experienced an upset stomach, headaches and, in some cases, even nausea.

The majority of people who started taking the Neuro Peak capsules did not experience any side effects, even after they had been on the Neuro Peak capsules for several months.

Neuro Peak Dosage

Zhou Nutrition recommends that people take 1 capsule 1 to 2 times a day. Their advice is to take the capsule with meals, unless you have consulted your doctor and he instructed you otherwise.

Since it improves blood circulation, experts advise that you discontinue the use of this product 2-3 days prior to any surgical or dental interventions. This will significantly reduce the risk of excessive bleeding.

In addition, experts also advise that you discontinue supplementation if you are trying to conceive, though there are is no scientific evidence that shows a correlation between the ingredients in Neuro Peak and reduced fertility or problems during pregnancy.

You should consult your doctor on whether you should start taking this dietary supplement if you are pregnant or a nursing mother, under 18, have a history of seizures or any other known medical condition.

The Experience

In order to verify the real effects of the product we interviewed Gregor from Seattle and this is what he said:

“I’m 55 years old and I work in an IT company. Since I’m surrounded by a lot younger people I started doubting my skills, ability to focus and remain focused during longer periods of time, and of course my job performance. Very soon this resulted in anxiety. Just after the couple of hours after I took the Neuro Peak formula, I remember feeling a lot better. It was like someone has lifted the curtains of mild anxiety I was under. Over the next few days I was feeling considerably better and could accomplish so much more during a day. Which is a great improvement considering that before Neuro Peak I didn’t have much interest in doing things.”

Where to Buy Neuro Peak

If you are intending to buy this product the best way to get it is through the manufacturers website. This way you will ensure that you get it for the best price, as Zhou Nutrition always puts their products on sales. If you subscribe to their website, you will get another 15% discount on your next order, which is a very convenient perk for first-time buyers.

Buy from Zhou Nutrition

In addition I also noticed that I comprehend quicker and perform better in tasks that are related to memory and hard thinking. Neuro Peak has helped me to get my confidence back by allowing me to keep up with much younger colleagues.


If you want to boost your memory, improve focus, mental energy and clarity, Neuro Peak is definitely a product you should try. As you can see, all of the ingredients found in Neuro Peak capsules and their effects are backed up by scientific evidence.

The bottle contains 30 capsules made of gelatine and the manufacturer has a 60 day money-back guarantee policy, which is very convenient if you happen to dislike this dietary supplement for whatever reason.

The company standing behind this product works under strict compliance of the industry rules and regulations. Their facilities are built with respect to the latest standards and their product is free of unlisted and GMO ingredients.

In addition, Neuro Peak may cause some side effects, so make sure to take it with precaution. If you notice some changes in your general well being, you should discontinue the supplementation and consult a doctor.

However, this only happens on very rare occasions, making this product no more risky than other popular options on the market. If you need more information, feel free to look for reviews and comments of people who are taking Neuro Peak regularly.


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