Are you feeling overwhelmed at the end of each day? Are you experiencing a lot of stress that you simply cannot deal with? This is a big problem for many people today, as we all live fast-paced lives where we work a lot and perform countless tasks day in day out.

This can put a lot of strain on our mind and body, making us feel stressed constantly and cause emotional troubles. You probably looked for some natural ways to manage your stress and there are various dietary options, herbal teas, sport activities and other things that might be able to help.

However, have you heard about the “New Mood” product that can help you get all of the benefits you need and deal with these kinds of problems almost instantly? This is a brand new product that has made a lot of noise, as many people say that they were able to feel dramatic changes in their overall mood and anxiety after trying this new product.

So, let’s dig a bit deeper into this brand new supplement and see how it works and what kinds of changes you can expect to see.


New Mood is a brand new all in one supplement that consists of multiple herbal extracts that has the power to enhance the mood of users and regulate their sleep patterns. People who have gotten the most use out of this product are those who work hard each day and deal with many different things during each day, causing them a lot of stress that they are not able to manage.

The human central nervous system is very complex – it consists of many hormones, oxygen, nutrients and neurotransmitters. When our lifestyle causes imbalances within our central nervous system, we start to show harmful symptom such as anxiety, depression and many other mood disorders.

New Mood is a supplement that has different natural ingredients that all have the ability to positively affect these symptoms. When all of these ingredients are combined, users experience a better, more coherent and synergized effect, which almost instantly makes them feel relaxed and calm.

Many people say that they were able to feel dramatic changes in their overall mood and anxiety after trying this new product.

New Mood owes these capabilities to its many ingredients that include lemon balm leaf extract, jujube seed extract, valerian root extract, chamomile flower extract and many others. Additionally, with ingredients such as vitamin B3 and B6, magnesium and others that promote better health, this product has quickly gained a lot of popularity.

New Mood ReviewNew Mood Ingredients and Effects

Jujube Seed Extract

This plant originates from China and it is prized for its seed and fruit as well. Amongst other uses, its seed is most commonly used to reduce restlessness.

Lemon Balm Leaf Extract

This is a natural ingredient that has the power to reduce mental stress and promote a positive mood.

Chamomile Flower Extract

Chamomile flower is very popular for its calming effect and it has the natural ability to relax people that use it.

Valerian Root Extract

This is a very old ingredient that has been used by people to calm themselves way back from the times of ancient Greece.


This ingredient is a serotonin precursor and it helps regulate it to natural levels.


This is an essential amino acid that acts as a building block for 5-HTP needed to produce serotonin, while also having the power to convert to melatonin that can promote better sleep.


Magnesium regulates countless bodily functions. This mineral enhances brain health and helps the heart work smoothly. Additionally, it can help fight restlessness and stress, making it the perfect ingredient for this kind of product.

Vitamin B6

This vitamin has a part in over 100 chemical reactions that happen within our body. It also enhances the production of amino acids and many different neurotransmitters, most importantly serotonin.

Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

This vitamin opens up capillaries and blood vessels, allowing the whole body to detoxify and cleanse more effectively.

The combination of these ingredients creates the powerful effect that New Mood is known for. These natural ingredients regulate mental health and greatly affect the current mood of the user. However, the core benefit of this supplement is its effect on serotonin. This is why it is important to understand the role of serotonin when it comes to the symptoms that you might be having and their treatment.

How New Mood affects Serotonin Production and its Benefits

Constant stress might not seem as that big of a deal, but when your mind and body are exposed to it constantly, it might start affecting your overall health and your life. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that plays a big part in regulating our mood and making us have a more positive attitude about life.

When someone takes New Mood, he or she is basically consuming two raw building blocks of serotonin. With added Vitamin B6, this substance is also a converting catalyst which sparks the conversion of ingredients into serotonin while giving nutritional benefits to the body as well.

Many studies show that serotonin affects anxiety and other mood disorders and hence the symptoms that these disorders create. Serotonin has also been linked with emotional balance, as it gives people a more positive mood. For this reason, a lot of people are wondering why they shouldn’t just take serotonin supplements to get all the benefits?

It’s understandable that people might think this, but this is simply not possible. Our blood-brain barrier protects the brain from any invasive substances and chemicals, stopping serotonin that was ingested from reaching the brain. This is why it’s necessary for serotonin to be naturally produced by our body if we want to get any benefits from it.

This is why the best possible way to elevate serotonin levels in our brain is to consume the right building blocks, which New Mood has as well. This whole process starts with Tryptophan and then it gets converted to 5-HTP. The vitamin B6 combination initiates a time release effect, making the body generate new serotonin.

Improved Sleep and Positive State of Mind

Users of New Mood have reported that they were able to harness many positive benefits from this supplement. Certainly, one of the biggest benefits that all users witness is the fact that they were able to get into a better mood and have a more positive experience, but also greater motivation and higher energy.

These benefits might be owed to niacin, which helps increase blood flow into the brain. When they were in a positive mood and had a lot more mental energy, users were able to experience a higher quality of life. It is important to create a balance in your mind in order to have a balanced life.

Even though there are a lot of factors that can affect your current stress levels and mood, one of the crucial ones is to get good sleep every night, so that your mind can combat the everyday struggles that eat away at us. However, elevated stress causes people difficulties with sleep and this is a potentially dangerous cycle that can be difficult to overcome.

To be able to sleep well, our body needs to enter the REM stage, i.e. the period of sleep when we can dream. In this stage of sleep our brain also consolidates memory. This process helps our mind strengthen and maintain important memories that we already have in our long-term memory.

Given the fact that New Mood has both 5-HTP and Tryptophan, it also has a positive effect on the user’s ability to sleep properly. Serotonin helps improve mood, but its other function is to promote better sleep as well, and the formula of this supplement ensures longer effectiveness of these benefits.

New Mood Side Effects

It is essential that you take a look into the potential side effects of any supplement you plan on taking and this is especially important for mood enhancers. Given the formula of New Mood, there is a potential for a couple of side effects including the following.

Weight Loss

For most people this is not a side effect, in fact, they would rather consider it as a benefit. However, if you are not overweight you will have to increase your diet to avoid losing even more weight.


This is yet another side effect that most people consider a benefit. As we mentioned before, people that have a lot of stress and mood problems have difficulty sleeping and New Mood’s effects can help them get to bed more easily and help them create a normal sleep cycle.

Nausea and Headache

These two are the most common side effects that come with all dietary supplements. Luckily they are almost always overcome after just a couple of days of use, as it takes time for the body to get used to the new supplements.

The fact that all New Mood ingredients are natural means that it’s even easier for the body to get used to the formula. Additionally, some people encounter appetite changes and this is a minor issue, as you only have to adjust to the new regime and start eating a little bit more or less, depending on how the supplement affects you.

Still, this is also a short-lasting effect and it disappears very quickly.


The biggest potential side effect of this supplement is to cause homeostasis and it’s really the only one that needs to be taken very seriously. Our body has a defense mechanism which regulates the production of substances and if you have an excessive amount of some substance, it will stop producing it.

In this case the substance that might be affected is serotonin. This is why it is advised to start off with mild doses and avoid continually using New Mood for a long period of time. New mood can act as a trigger that helps you get into a better place mentally and repair your sleep cycle, allowing you to combat stress.

However, it is not a supplement that should be taken for a long time. If you want to use it as more than just a quick way to jumpstart a major lifestyle change, the idea is to take the supplement for a month then stop for about 2 to 3 weeks and then use it again for a whole month. This is how you can get all the benefits of the substance but avoid homeostasis.

One of the first things you’ll notice when you start using New Mood is that your mind seems to be able to sort out all the random information that is thrown its way every day, which also makes it a lot easier to go to sleep.

New Mood Dosage

New Mood supplements can be found in bottles that contain 30 capsules. All of the manufacturers suggest starting with 2 capsules per servings and after some time if you notice that the effect is weaker you can increase the amount to a maximum of 4 capsules per day.

It is important to take it as a supplement for your diet. Take two capsules during the evening before you go to bed, so that you can get the sleep benefits as well. When increasing the dosage, you can take an additional two capsules around noon to get additional stress support.

Make sure that you consult your doctor before taking this supplement or any other if you are on other medications, nursing or you are pregnant. This supplement is only meant for adults and it’s highly advisable that you keep it out of the reach of children.

The New Mood Experience

One of the first things you’ll notice when you start using New Mood is that your mind seems to be able to sort out all the random information that is thrown its way every day, which also makes it a lot easier to go to sleep. This is particularly true for those who have trouble going to bed because their mind just keeps racing.

If you work out regularly, you know just how important it is to get enough good sleep, and this supplement can definitely get you sleeping like a baby. You may even experience some fairly vivid dreams. New Mood can also make you feel a bit more positive during boring and demanding day-to-day activities, but where it really shines is during periods when you feel down and overly anxious.

It’s best to take a bit of a break every two weeks or so, though, as using it continuously for over three weeks can cause you to feel somewhat lethargic and fatigued.

Where to Buy New Mood

New Mood can be bought online from the exclusive producer Onnit. It is currently only available in the US and cannot be shipped internationally, but it’s expected that other countries will regulate these supplements and follow the steps of the US.

Buy from Onnit


If you are experiencing sleep and mood problems, then you should definitively try out this supplement. We are not trying to say that this is the best solution for everyone out there, but if you are a hard-working person and experience a lot of stress every day, then this product will definitively be able to help you.

A lot of people have tried using this supplement and testified that they experienced great benefits. What’s truly great about New Mood is that unlike other mood enhancers and sleep helpers it doesn’t create that “hangover” feeling the next day and users have stated that they woke up fresh and ready to take all the daily challenges head on.

Start off with mild dosages and if you are not sure, you can even start using a single pill daily to see how you will react to these supplements.

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