Nootroo is a brand new exciting Nootropic product that has created a lot of hype around it. A lot of people in the brain enhancing community have started talking about this new product and this is why we’ve decided to review it and see for ourselves what all the fuss is about.

People say that Nootroo is creating a new “golden” standard within the Nootropics market, and that it has the potential to spread awareness about brain enhancers and make these supplements more mainstream. Today we will look at Nootroo from all angles and try to give you an honest review that will help you get a clearer picture about this product.


Like other Nootropic substances, Nootroo is designed to improve memory and help with learning. At the same time, it has protective capabilities and keeps the brain safe from any major side effects. What is really exciting about Nootroo is that it comes in two colors of capsules: gold and silver.

These capsules have a unique formula of Nootropics that have a synergic effect, designed to increase memory and learning. These ingredients have the power to give the user energy, but at the same time keep them calm and focused. It is an ideal supplement for those that want to be focused and on top of their game every day, allowing them to get more done.

Nootroo and its ingredients have been reported to help improve verbal memory, attention span, endurance, increase synaptic transmission and help induce more alpha-waves within the prefrontal cortex. The product is designed in such way that users only have to take one pill for the whole day.

Nootroo Ingredients

This is where the fun starts. Nootroo or “The Gold Standard in Nootropics” has two different capsules – gold and silver. It’s not just for show though, as these capsules have different ingredients, and that’s what makes this product so special – it has 2 different stacks packed in one product. The user has to take one pill per day while switching between pills every day. This is how Nootroo can be both effective and side-effect free.

Gold formula ingredients

The gold formula includes 15 capsules of 675 mgs, Noopept, SmoothCaffeine – a blend of L-Theanine and caffeine – and CDP Choline. Noopept is the core ingredient of these capsules, and even though it’s not a real Racetam it has Piracetam effects and a similar structure.

This means that it has similar functions as well, only Noopept has a much stronger effect and takes less time to take effect. Noopept has the power to improve cognition by increasing acetylcholine activity within the brain. It is believed that Noopept is around 1000 times stronger than Piracetam.

Silver formula ingredients

The silver formula also comes with 15 capsules, with each of them being 675 mgs. It has the same ingredients as the gold formula, including SmoothCaffeine and CDP Choline, but its essential ingredient is Phenylpiracetam. Unlike Noopept, Phenylpiracetam is a genuine Racetam that is as strong as Noopept, but works in different ways. It improves memory and overall mood, and has a calming effect.


This is a carefully designed combination of Suntheanine and caffeine, a branded L-Theanine that improves reactions and allows the drug’s effect to be focused, which helps users stay calm even though they are affected by caffeine.

CDP Choline

This ingredient is also known as Citicoline, and it is one of the most popular nootropics that you can find. It has two parts of cytidine and choline, and it is a precursor to uridine, an independent nootropic.

Citicoline can be found in some of the best nootropic stacks and it also works well in the formula of this product. Apart from the fact that it can give you more mental energy, improve processing speed, and enhance memory, it also works hand-in-hand with Caffeine, which additionally synergizes with L-Theanine.

The actual ratio of the compounds within Nootroo are not revealed and a lot of people are bothered by this. The potential reason for this is that the manufacturer doesn’t want to reveal the formula and let any competitors create similar products. Still, it’s important to know what the drug does and how effective it is.

Nootroo Benefits and Effects

Nootroo Review

People who have tried this brand new product have testified that it helps improve mental energy overall and makes the user feel sharp. All of the statements made by the manufacturer seem to check out as Nootroo has the power to restore and enhance memory, help users combat cognitive decline due to old age, calm their minds, be more alert and focused, and get the necessary Acetylcholine boost.

Even when looking at all the ingredients that are combined within these two capsules, it becomes obvious that the manufactures were trying to get these results. Experienced people who know their chemistry will know what kind of effect they can expect from these ingredients and it’s in line with what the company says.

The manufacturer also says that it is essential to use Nootroo regularly and consistently over a longer period of time to really feel all of its benefits.

To sum up, the benefits of Nootroo look something like this:

  • Enhanced memory
  • Enhanced learning
  • Improved neuron firing mechanisms that enhance cognitive performance and overall memory health
  • Improved brain protection against chemical and physical injuries
  • Helps users retain their memories and learned behaviors
  • Little or no side-effects
  • No toxic effects

Nootroo Side Effects

There are no proven major side-effects of Nootroo, however, like with any drug there could be minor nuisances after taking the drug over a longer period of time. Due to these capsules’ powerful effects, users might become overly dependent on them and have a tough time tackling their tasks without the help of Nootroo.

On the other hand, it’s recommended that you avoid drinking a lot of coffee or taking caffeine while using Nootroo, as it already has caffeine in it. The side-effects would be similar to simply taking too much caffeine, which is nothing drastic.

Additionally, the current price of Nootroo might be a bit higher than similar products, but it is a new supplement that everybody is looking to get and chances are that the prices will drop in the near future.

Nootroo Dosage

The producer has given instructions on how to use Nootroo and it says that a user should take one pill each day before breakfast and not a single capsule more. It’s not recommended that you create custom dosages, as these capsules are basically stacks that are designed to give the user everything they need to be active during the whole day.

Still, you have to switch between pills on day-to-day basis. If you start with the gold capsule today, you will take the silver one tomorrow and alternate between them during the whole month. A single pack of Nootroo is designed to be used for a whole month, no more, no less. It is crucial that you take one capsule every day in the morning over a couple of months to feel the progression of its effects.

To get the best possible effects, the pill should be taken about half an hour before breakfast. It’s really a simple-to-use Nootropic product and users don’t have to calculate their dosages or think about which other supplement they need to take. Everything they need is within one capsule – after taking it you can go about your everyday work and focus on being productive.

Nootroo Experience

Before writing this review, I’ve decided to test Nootroo and see for myself how it works. Since I have experience with various nootropic products, at first it seemed to me like the effects were mild. On the second day I started to feel the effects of the capsule and you could say that I was “on top of my game” for most of the day.

Although the producer says that the effects can be felt for 6 hours or more, I think that it was shorter than that. Still, I’ve been using all kinds of nootropics for some time now and it might be that I’m simply used to these kinds of products. On the other hand, it says that you have to use Nootroo for a longer period to feel the real effects.

Where to Buy Nootroo

At the moment, you cannot order Nootroo through eBay or Amazon. The only way it can be ordered is through the official producer on their website. It is possible to sign up for monthly supplies and get discounts. I think that ordering Nootroo and using it for a month could tell you if this is what you are looking for.


I think that Nootroo is a good nootropic product for beginners that don’t have a lot of experience with nootropic supplements. This product is simple to use and it has all of the ingredients in a well-built formula. There are other similar nootropic products, but this brand is certainly very exciting and I might add that I’ve never seen such a good package and overall design of a nootropic product.

There is great potential in Nootroo, we only have to give it a bit of time and see what more users will say about it after they’ve used it for a longer period of time.


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