More and more people are realizing the numerous benefits of nootropics, so they are increasingly trying them out to improve their mental performance. Some nootropics can even effectively treat some neurological problems and help people improve their overall health.

But, what about kids? Should parents give nootropics to their kids to help them enhance their cognitive abilities and reach their maximum potential? This is a question that a great number of parents are asking, especially those who are already using nootropics.

The truth of the matter is that nootropics do provide benefits to kids, just like they do to adults. However, there are certain risks to be aware of, so read on to learn more.


A lot of parents don’t ever want to give their kids any kind of capsules, even if they take them themselves and know that they are beneficial. This often has a lot to do with a common stigma that any medicine coming from a bottle is unnatural, especially if it is a supplement.

Supplements are generally seen as hazardous to health, which couldn’t be further from the truth. People who consider them as such are simply not well-informed. Others simply won’t take a supplement because they think that they can add anything need to their diet in a completely natural way, which isn’t always the case, as we need lots of vitamins and minerals that cannot easily be found in the food we eat.

These common misconceptions prevent a lot of people from using any kind of supplements, such as nootropics. Well, nootropics are natural and, in order for a supplement to be considered a nootropic, it needs to be a non-toxic substance. It’s as simple as that.

Nootropics can provide you with numerous benefits, from improving your focus, memory, attention, motivation, creativity, and mood to reducing stress, anxiety, and depression, to name just a few. They can stimulate the production of important brain chemicals, improving your learning abilities, productivity and even sleep.

Well, if there are so many benefits, are nootropics safe for kids as well? The answer is yes. Here are the best nutritional nootropics for kids, together with their most essential benefits.

The Best Nootropics for Kids and Their Benefits

There are plenty of different nootropics out there, but not all of them are actually good for kids. This is because many of them are formulated for adults whose brains are fully developed. The following nootropics are perfectly safe for kids, as they can actually help their brains develop faster and significantly enhance their cognitive abilities.


L-Theanine is an amino acid that is primarily found in plants and fungi, most commonly in tea leaves and Bay Bolete mushrooms. It is one of the most popular nootropics that promotes calmness and relaxation.

Because of those properties, L-Theanine is great for kids, especially for kids suffering from ADD and ADHD, as it can regulate their mood and induce calm behavior. It can reduce stress and anxiety and improve focus, helping kids significantly improve their learning abilities.

Where to Buy

You need to know where to buy nootropics in order to make sure you provide your kids with products that are absolutely safe for consumption. You can buy L-Theanine in various brick-and-mortar stores, but you can also find it online. The most reliable place to buy L-Theanine online is definitely Amazon.


L-Tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid, naturally produced by the body, that cells use to synthesize proteins. You can also find it in meat and dairy products. This nootropic is very beneficial for kids because it helps produce neurotransmitters that support kids’ growth, such as dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine.

One of the many theories about ADHD is that the reduction of dopamine is what leads to the disorder. Although this theory is highly debated, L-Tyrosine does help kids suffering from ADHD.

L-Tyrosine also reduces stress and helps regulate weight and the production of hormones, and it improves mood, focus, and memory.

Where to Buy

Although you can buy L-Tyrosine in many physical stores, you can easily find it online. Amazon has very reliable and affordable sources that you can check out.

Nootropics for Kids - Risks vs Benefits Review


Phosphatidylserine is naturally produced in the brain and it’s actually a component of the cell membrane. Therefore, this is yet another safe nootropic for kids, as it’s already present in the body.

Taking phosphatidylserine as a supplement helps kids’ brain develop faster, as it ensures that the brain has enough raw materials that help new brain cells develop. Lack of phosphatidylserine is also associated with ADHD, so it’s another reason for kids to use it.

This nootropic helps kids improve their focus and boost concentration, increasing their mental clarity and helping them improve their memory and learning abilities.

Where to Buy

Just like the aforementioned nootropics, you can find phosphatidylserine both in retail stores and online, but Amazon may be a better option, as there are plenty more sources to choose from.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea is one of the best nootropics for kids, as it is an herb that can reduce stress, fatigue, anxiety, and depression, improve mood, sleep, focus, attention span, and memory, increase motivation and serotonin levels, and enhance cognitive functions. It can even improve the immune system and considerably shorten muscle recovery time after workouts.

Where to Buy

You can buy Rhodiola Rosea from various trustworthy and very affordable sources on Amazon.

Are There Any Potential Risks?

The aforementioned nootropics are completely safe for kids, especially L-Tyrosine and phosphatidylserine, as they are naturally produced by the body. All of them support growth and help kids develop faster.

If you decide to give any of them to your kids, you must always follow the recommended dosage and make sure you avoid extended use, so that your kids don’t become tolerant to them and that the nootropics don’t actually overstimulate the nervous system and potentially damage cells. Just be careful as with any other supplement, and your kids will experience great benefits.


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