People have been using nootropics for quite a long time, but these smart drugs have become increasingly more popular over the past several years. They enhance cognitive functions and can help you maximize your brainpower and increase your productivity, which is precisely why they are gaining so much momentum.

There’s no question that nootropics work and they get a lot of positive attention, but there’s also a lot of buzz regarding their safety. So, are nootropics safe or are there any dangers to using them?

There are a lot of different nootropics out there and not all of them are safe for consumption. However, there are plenty of them that have been proven safe by thorough research and clinical trials so, before you start thinking about where to buy nootropics, make sure you do your homework and find one that is absolutely safe.

When it comes to potential nootropics dangers, there are several that everyone needs to be aware of before they decide to use smart drugs to maximize their brain potential. Here’s what those are.

Nervous System Changes

This potential danger of using nootropics isn’t common with all of them, but rather with stimulatory ones for increasing energy and improving alertness. Such nootropics force your body to be alert and energized, even in situations when you haven’t slept and feel more tired than ever.

They use up your energy stores and may completely disrupt your circadian rhythm in case of prolonged use, leaving you even more tired and exhausted when the effects wear off.

If that happens, you may experience potential side effects, such as insomnia, restlessness, extreme changes in mood and behavior, anxiety, and depression, not to mention that you could accelerate the aging process.

Brain Chemistry Alteration

Just as there are nootropics that improve your cognitive functions, there are those that could impair them and change the way your brain works. This is especially common in young people who use certain nootropics before they turn 25 because the brain is not fully developed until that certain age.

There is actually very little research on how the brain reacts after prolonged use of nootropics. That’s why the smartest thing to do when taking any nootropic is to stick to the recommended dosage and use it only on an as-needed basis, rather than misuse it and risk altering your brain chemistry.

What Are the Nootropics Dangers


If you take any kind of drug for an extended period of time, your brain will become tolerant and rely on it in order to function properly. The same applies to nootropics, as even the safest ones will lead to dependence in case of prolonged use.

This is because using a nootropic for a longer time period may deplete many of your neurotransmitters, which leads to your brain becoming extremely tolerant to the nootropic. It stops performing demanding cognitive tasks on its own because it expects a nootropic to swoop in and help.

This kind of dependence often leads to the users increasing their dosage to be able to perform those cognitive tasks, which ultimately leads to addiction.


Dependence and addiction inevitably lead to withdrawal when you stop taking a certain nootropic. If you keep taking a smart drug that influences your neurotransmission and alters your nervous system and the way your brain works, it is certainly not surprising that you may experience withdrawal once you stop using it.

However, this usually happens only if you misuse a nootropic, because recommended dosages and sticking to an as-needed approach cannot really make you tolerant to it and result in withdrawal.

How to Avoid the Potential Nootropics Dangers?

Avoiding the potential dangers of nootropics is actually quite simple. This was already mentioned above, but it needs to be emphasized: you should always stick to the recommended dosage and use nootropics on an as-needed basis. Use them only when you feel like you truly need them so that you don’t experience any potential side effects and impair your cognitive functions.

It is also extremely important that you conduct thorough research before taking any kind of nootropic, including the way it may interact with other dietary supplements and medications.

The best thing to do is to consult with a doctor and educate yourself on every single detail regarding a particular nootropic that you want to use so that you can know how it would affect your brain and whether or not it is absolutely safe.

The most important thing to have in mind is that you seriously shouldn’t use any nootropic if you’re younger than 25. If you are, then your brain is not yet fully developed, so you certainly don’t want to use a drug that would negatively influence your brain’s development. Wait until you’re 25 to even start considering using a smart drug.

It’s imperative that you’re fully aware of all these nootropics dangers because, after all, it’s your health we’re talking about here. Safety should be your number one concern, so be absolutely sure that you want to go down this cognitive enhancement path before you make any final decision.


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