Even if science was a bit more supportive of smart pills, even if we had all the resources and time needed for exploring the vastly diverse world of brain enhancers, even if more papers were published every day, and even if we considered all factors, we still won’t be able to tag the strongest nootropic.

The concept itself is an urban myth, and we’ll tell you why.

First, not everyone agrees on the current definition of nootropics. Then, the trouble with defining what’s strong and what’s not is just as challenging. Finally, all experiences with brain enhancers are highly subjective, which pretty much means that my strongest nootropic would be your afternoon tea.

With that in mind, let’s discuss some of the best candidates for this unattainable title.

1. Noopept

Our first contender is Noopept, a smart drug that’s hailed for its super-immediate effect.

Also known as N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl-ester, Noopept is said to be up to 1500 more powerful than Aniracetam and Piracetam, the two of most popular nootropics on the market. This makes it more affordable too, since one dose of Noopept can outperform a few doses of any racetam.

Needless to say, Noopept boosts brain functions.

This is its main purpose but also a common denominator of many similar supplements. In order to see what makes it different and potentially stronger than others, we must examine what exactly it does as well as how it does that. Here’s a rundown of Noopept’s strongest suits and health benefits:

  • Noopept ties to brain proteins to heal nerve cells and enable better information storing.
  • This neural boost helps recover focus, memory formation, and retrieval almost instantly.
  • By affecting brain blood vessels, Noopept improves collaboration between hemispheres.
  • In consequence, it encourages both internalization and externalization of complex ideas.

It usually takes around twenty minutes for Noopept to kick in. In combination with that, the aforementioned set of brain enhancing properties qualifies it not only for this spot on our list but also for a designated place in anyone’s medicine cabinet. Use it on its own or stack it with your Piracetam.

2. Adrafinil

Among the many things that Adrafinil is great for, focus, memory, energy, and motivation are the most important. This supplement falls under the category of synthetic nootropics and is a soothing aid to your brain’s dopamine and histamine. You know, those thingies that keep you ecstatic and resistant.

But, is Adrafinil strong enough?

Strongest Nootropics

Let’s put it this way. The mysterious NZT-48 pill that Bradley Cooper’s movie character uses to become a superhuman intellectual is actually Adrafinil’s first cousin, Modafinil. Fictional exaggeration and artistic liberty aside, our second contender is actually more powerful than the infamous Limitless pill.

In most cases, Adrafinil kicks in between sixty and ninety minutes and reaches a peak about three hours after. These points may go to Noopept, but Adrafinil still has a couple of advantages over this fast and furious drug. For starters, it is a brilliant mood booster that is perfect for ambitious students.

Just ask any serial daytime sleeper. A 2004 study has proven that Adrafinil is a very effective treatment for narcolepsy, an unusual (though serious) disorder that makes you drowsy throughout the day. When it comes to wakefulness and alertness, this nootropic takes the cake from its rival, Noopept.

3. Sunifiram

Not only is Sunifiram a nootropic’s equivalent to the prodigal son, but it’s also a prodigal son that has returned home to prove to his entire family that he is better than all of them combined. More precisely, a thousand times better. Sunifiram’s family are racetams, while its paternal figure is Piracetam.

This fearless nootropic was only recently synthesized from Piracetam and is currently no more than two decades old. Nevertheless, it’s still considered one of the strongest brain enhancers out there. Some describe them as mighty, especially in the context of increasing energy levels and overall mood.

Here’s what else the mighty Sunifiram can do:

  • Enhance short-term memory and speed up knowledge acquisition.
  • Adjust your laser focus settings and maximize your concentration.
  • Help you eliminate distractions and increase your attention span.
  • Enhance your cognition and empower your brain’s visual receptors.
  • Get rid of your anxiety problems and keep your stressors in check.
  • Help patients suffering from amnesia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

If not for these mind-bending properties, you should give Sunifiram a shot for its quick performance. The average time it takes for this nootropic’s effects to kick in is about the same as Noopept’s, and that’s around twenty minutes. Sunifiram may not be the strongest, but it’s certainly the fiercest of all.

4. Pramiracetam

Pramiracetam is about ten to thirty times stronger than Piracetam.

This may not be enough to beat Sunifiram, but let’s not forget that everyone’s brain chemistry is different. Because experiences with nootropics can vary from one person to another, any kind of discrimination among mind enhancers is not only senseless and short-sighted but also very unhelpful.

For example, if we have decided to exclude Pramiracetam from this list, then you’d probably never learn that this nootropic works as a potent neuroprotective agent that slows down cognitive decline. This makes it a perfectly strong choice for people who are suffering from impaired long-term memory.

The rest of Pramiracetam’s effects simply run in the family.

As a typical racetam, this supplement improves your ability to think clearly, boosts your alertness, and enhances your overall energy.

It takes about one hour to lift you up and can help you with both mental challenges and anxiety problems. After taking Pramiracetam, most people feel like the life of the party.

If that’s not strong enough, then nothing is. Remember, the entire purpose of nootropics is to unlock your full potential. There’s really no need to bite off more than you can chew. That said, Pramiracetam is objectively potent – whether or not it will check your box is entirely up to your current mental state.

5. Phenylpiracetam

At least one thing is for certain – when it comes to brain enhancement, racetams are one impressive family. Also derived from Piracetam, Phenylpiracetam mimics the chemical behavior of its cousins and delivers more or less the same effects as both Pramiracetam and Sunifiram, to which it is inferior.

Still, Phenylpiracetam is not be underestimated.

If you’re feeling depressed, chances are that this nootropic will help you weather the storm. It’s brilliant for improving mood and treating sleep disorders too, but its antidepressant properties have already helped many people feel better by increasing their mental functions, memory, and attention.

Another distinctive trait of Phenylpiracetam is in relation to the physical performance. This bad boy is actually on the list of banned drugs in the sports world, and its ability to boost your physical endurance and make you faster and stronger has been proven in both real-life examples and in scientific studies.

Also, Phenylpiracetam kicks in pretty fast, after only thirty minutes or so. You can take a dose in the morning and prepare yourself a nice breakfast. The first effects will make you refreshingly pumped just in time for the gym. Of course, Phenylpiracetam makes a trusty sidekick in mental marathons too.

6. Phenibut

An odd addition to an otherwise odd bunch, Phenibut is more of an anxiolytic than a nootropic. This makes this unclassifiable supplement a great example of what we’re trying to prove – that your strongest nootropic isn’t what other people tell you it is. It doesn’t even have to be a nootropic at all.

Phenibut is the last on our list but only because it doesn’t deliver the same brain-enhancing benefits that nootropic enthusiasts typically associate with mental strength and stamina. In fact, this drug is better described as chill than as smart, and that’s exactly how its admirers call it – the Soviet chill pill.

Instead of making you all jittery and hyped up, Phenibut relieves you of tension.

Being half-anxiolytic and half-nootropic, it also improves your mental capacity.

This unique supplement is great for people who are suffering from social anxiety and phobias on an everyday basis. For them, it is the strongest that a nootropic can be. As an overall mood enhancer, the Soviet chill pill binds not only to GABA receptors but also to the leading happy hormone, dopamine.

To underline our underlying thought, every person is entitled to their own definition of the strongest nootropic. Objectively, it’s an artificial contract. Subjectively, however, it’s what suits you the best, lifts you up (or calms you down) as quick as you need it to, and lasts for as long as your brain desires.


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