For most smart drugs users the information on where to buy nootropics is as important as everything else. Since there are many vendors of these cognitive enhancers, it is important to learn how to find the one that will provide you with exactly what you’ve order and within a reasonable timeframe.

As you might already know, some nootropics, usually the most common ones, can be bought in your local health food store, while getting the powerful nootropics will require of you to order from an online supplier. Buying nootropics from an online vendor is usually confusing for people. This confusion comes from the fact that you have to trust that the product will be of high quality, without even looking the vendor in the eyes.

In order to pick the right nootropics vendor, you first have to know which nootropics suit your needs. Besides this, you need to factor in your location and budget. After this, you should continue exploring the shipping, policies, pricing and discount policies of every renowned vendor.

This is why we have put together some information that you will find useful should you decide to buy nootropics. Let’s start.

Why Invest Time in all the Research

We strongly advise anyone who is interested in purchasing nootropics to do some research before deciding where to buy. Purchasing from trusted suppliers brings a lot of benefits and can save you both time and money in the long run.

Other than this, you will make sure that you get a safe and pure product that won’t negatively affect your health. Some of the benefits of research done right are:

• Enjoying convenient and budget-friendly shopping
• Safe and pure nootropics
• Good service
• Fast shipping
• Excellent customer support

As you can see, there are lots of reasons to take your time and do proper research.

We strongly advise anyone who is interested in purchasing nootropics to do some research before deciding where to buy

Do They Have What You Need?

Before you start looking into the vendor’s inventory, you have to do a bit of research on which nootropics can meet your needs and help you achieve your goals. Let’s go through some of the most common uses of specific nootropics.

Nootropics that Aid Students

Enhanced memory and increased learning capabilities is what every student wants. Especially during exam periods when everything comes down crashing on their backs. The most commonly used nootropics for studying purposes are the ones from the racetam category. These nootropics positively affect attention, motivation and focus, all of which are needed for studying over prolonged periods of time.

Students can especially benefit from one nootropic in particular – Aniracetam. This one is known for its stress-relieving effects and can come in quite handy when students are facing deadlines, pressure and sleepless nights.

Nootropics for Hard-Working Professionals

People in the business world, ranging from managers to workers, are faced with many decisions during their workday. In order to stay on top of their game, they need to think more clearly and logically. If you find yourself in this category, then you might consider phenylpiracetam.

A nootropic which is known by it positive effects on cognition. It will help you make tough decisions by improving your thinking process. This nootropic is also known by its ability to reduce the effects of jetlag.

Overcome Social Anxiety

If you are experiencing symptoms of social anxiety, you definitely know how limiting it can be. It can affect your performance as an employee or as a student. Furthermore, it can significantly affect the quality of your private life too. Aniracetam is a nootropic that is known as one to be the most effective and the best nootropics to use against social anxiety.

Phenibut is another nootropic that can help you fight anxiety, but you should also know that this one is not meant to be used on a daily basis. Some other nootropics linked to anti-anxiety effects are noopept, picamilon and inositol. Picamilon, for instance, has similar effects as Phenibut, but unlike the latter you can use Picamilon on a daily basis.

Improve Overall Health

Where to buy Nootropics?Nootropics are also capable of protecting you from chemical and physical damage. By activating specific mechanism in our bodies, nootropics help us by neutralizing free radicals – atoms that lead to oxidative stress by damaging other molecules in our bodies.

Nootropics with high antioxidant powers are Ginkgo Biloba and L-theanine. Other nootropics with beneficial effects for our health are DMAE and centrophenoxine, which help us by neutralizing numerous toxins found in our blood. Furthermore, noopept is another nootropic with powerful health benefits. It promotes the production of two proteins which are associated with growth, differentiation and survival of our neural cells.

These are just some of the most commonly used nootropics and their benefits, but you can guess where we are going with this. Before deciding where to buy nootropics, you have to learn about their effects in order to see which one(s) can meet your needs.

Make Sure That a Vendor Provides an Excellent Service

When in the drug business, an online retailer has to live up to a specific quality of service. While their high level of service allows them to have that competitive edge, it will provide you assurances that they care about their product and their customers. What are the key indicators to pay attention to?

Check How the Vendor is Shipping their Products

Since you are buying nootropics, you want to make sure that the products arrive safe and sound to your doorstep. Check the client reviews of online vendors and only pay attention to vendors that do all in their power to protect their goods when shipping (special package, bubble wrap, puffy envelopes).
Furthermore, make sure to check if there are any shipping limitations. Most of the online vendors have this information on display for international markets. Every trusted online vendor offers detailed shipping information on their website.

Before you order, please make sure that your country is not on the list of locations where nootropics cannot be shipped, due to laws that forbid the shipping of these types of substances.

Avoid the shady nootropic vendors and those that have a history of quality control issues

Make Sure to Look into the Online Vendor’s Refund Policy

Here are the questions you need to find answers to:

• What happens if they ship you the wrong product?
• What if the product is not of the same quality as advertised?
• What if the product gets lost or stolen during shipping?
• What if the product doesn’t feel right (funny taste and smell)?

Online vendors who provide the answers to all these questions are usually the ones you should aim for.

Look for Online Vendors with Customer Loyalty Programs

When purchasing from these vendors, you will save a lot of money in the long run, simply because they usually have discounts for returning customers and customers who come from websites of their affiliate partners.

Make Sure That the Online Vendor Has Customer Support

Some of the online vendors have live chat, while others provide support via phone or any of the other viable means. The communication channel is not what’s important here. Pay attention to response time and when this service is available.

Quality Control as the Most Important Factor

While there are other important factors shaping the answer to the question “Where do I buy nootropics?”, quality control is perhaps the most important one. Since nootropics are defined as a drug, you have to make sure that you purchase and use a high quality product.

First of all, avoid the shady nootropic vendors and those that have a history of quality control issues. Your health and wellbeing should be your primary concern and purchasing nootropics from vendors with impeccable quality control will guarantee that there is no harm coming your way.

So, what should you look for? When you have a certain vendor in mind, you’ll want to visit their official website and look for their policies on product testing. Renowned vendors offer information such as: composition, purity and potential contamination.

They even practice in-house and third party testing to make sure that they are selling the best product on the market. On their website you will easily find CoA typed next to the products. The CoA stands for certification of analysis, and this means that an independent laboratory has tested the product and made sure that it is pure and of high quality. These vendors guarantee that their products are pure and without any heavy metals in them.

If you have any other questions regarding any particular vendor, make sure to refer to the nootropic community. You will be able to find a lot of valuable information on blogs, forums and social media.

Which Nootropics is the Vendor Selling

The selection is another important thing to get familiar with when deciding where to buy nootropics. In order to successfully make this kind of assessment you have to know which nootropics are the most popular and worth buying. Why? Because there are nootropics vendors that try to sell experimental drugs, or even research drugs on their stores as nootropics.

This seems like a great moment to get a quick reminder. Experimental and research drugs that are being sold by online vendors as nootropics are: Cerebrolysin, Flmodafinil, NSI-189 and Dihexa. The most popular nootropics are: alpha-GPC, Adrafinil, L-Theanine, L-Tyrosine, CDP Choline and Ginkgo Biloba.

Purchasing Stacks or Single Products?

For those who might not know already, you can buy nootropics as a single products containing only one kind of nootropic, but you can also get a stack or buy nootropics in bulk. Buying only one nootropic supplement can help you target the specific effects you wish to achieve. Most of the online vendors allow customers to make this kind of purchases, but they also have various bulk orders or stacks on the menu.

These bulk options contain several different nootropics and are designed to provide several different benefits to their users. Every nootropic supplement has specific benefits tied to it and when you combine several of them, you can take advantage of the strong points of each one. Before you decide where to buy a stack, make sure that you know the effects of every supplement contained in it.

Where to Buy Nootropics in Store?

Beside getting the nootropics from online vendors, you can also purchase these supplements in a physical store. This applies especially to nootropics that are classified as dietary supplements. Some of these are creatine, L-carnitine, L-theanine and others.

You can find them in a drug store, health food stores, outlet and other retailer shops that offer vitamins, dietary supplements and other related products. You should also know that strong and pure nootropics are not obtainable through physical stores. These cannot be marketed as dietary supplements, and you will have to get them from an online shop (racetams, phenibut, adrafinil and other).

Where to Buy Nootropics Online?

Start with the Most Reliable Online Stores


When someone says online shipping, the immediate association is Amazon. This is simply because Amazon has become maybe the most reliable and the best online store today. When purchasing from Amazon, you can rest assured that you will have access to the best customer support possible. Furthermore, Amazon is known by its express shipping policies and incredibly low prices and discounts.

Amazon has one more incredible thing to offer to online shoppers – a review system. If you are wondering whether the product you are interested in buying is worth spending your hard-earned money on, Amazon is a great place to get more information. Their review system will help you read all about firsthand experiences of other customers.

If you choose Amazon, you will also be able to choose from any nootropic vendors instead of placing your trust in only one. This shop offers nootropics in both capsules and powders and also has both herbal and natural nootropics in their store.

Nootropics Depot

Nootropics Depot is another vendor that has a good reputation in the nootropic community. This vendor offers a number of both synthetic and herbal nootropics to its customers. When it comes to synthetic nootropics, Nootropics Depot offers Noopept, phenibut, and racetams.

If you are interested in getting herbal nootropics, Nootropics Depot has bacopa and ashwagandha on the shelves. This store is very convenient because it offers products in both capsule and bulk powder form. This vendor is also known for purity and quality testing.

Since their shipping policies differ from country to country, make sure your country is on the shipping list before you start filling your cart. One last thing to know about this vendor reflects the payment options. Beside standard payment options, this vendor is known to only accept e-checks and bitcoin payments from time to time

Absorb Your Health

Absorb Your Health is a very popular vendor that offers general supplements. Among these supplements, you can also find nootropics. If you want to purchase some of the most popular nootropics, this vendor is a good option since they are trustworthy and highly reviewed. On the other hand, their nootropic offer is quite limited. This will not last long though, as Absorb Health is currently expanding their nootropics product line. If you make orders at over $75 and you are from the US, you will get free shipping. To attract new customers, Absorb Health offers a 5% discount for first time customers.


Ceretropic is yet another trustworthy nootropic vendor online. If you are interested in purchasing some of the newest, exotic, and hard-to-find nootropics, this vendor is your option. They also carry nootropics in numerous forms; beside standard powder and capsules, you will be able to choose from sprays, solutions, and nootropics in sublingual form. Some of the rare nootropics found in their offer are methylene blue, selank, and semax. Ceretropic accepts bitcoin and standard payments and the quality testing of their products is done by both inhouse and third party teams. Make sure to check if your country is on the shipping list, as Ceretropic shapes its shipping policy according to the laws and regulations specific to the country where the shipping order is originating from.

Pure Nootropics

And last, but not least, Pure Nootropics. This is also a reliable vendor. This vendor stands out from the other ones by its quality assurance policies. Their standard demands that the product is at least 98% pure and to be toxic impurity free. They offer nootropics in both capsule and powder form. But, if you visit their store, you will notice that specific nootropics can be only found in powder form.

This vendor also accepts standard payment options and has a shipping policy shaped in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country the order originates from. Since they have a lot of customers, make sure to check the product you are interested in on time. They go out of stock quite often.

As you can see, there is a lot to consider before you decide where to buy nootropics. Some of them are obtainable in offline stores, while the most potent and purest ones can only be obtained through online purchases.

We sincerely hope that this information will help you make a smarter purchasing decision. Remember, finding the right nootropic supplier takes some time, but this is a smart investment, because nootropics are powerful supplements and you want to make sure that you are buying from a reliable and trusted supplier.



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