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Nootropics for Anxiety Guide

nootropics for anxiety
There’s a new circle of people forming around digital existentialism. Even as we speak, intellectually fluid college students, modern-day academics, protean entrepreneurs and Silicon Valley moguls are teaming up in order to find the ultimate smart drug. The sci-fi future is finally here, brain-rewiring techniques are everywhere around us, and if times were any different, some would say we’re playing...


SULBUTIAMINE AT A GLANCE Also Known As Acralion, Enerion Type Vitamine B Derivative Good for Anxiety Creativity Memory Mood Motivation Stacks Well With Piracetam Huperzine A Alpha GPC Dosage 400-800 mg Half-life  5 hours In order to reverse chronic Vitamin B1 deficiency, the Japanese have developed what we know today as sulbutiamine. Another term also used for Vitamin B1 is thiamine, which would make sulbutiamine its syntactical version. Summary A lack...