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The Best Choline Supplement Guide

Best choline supplements
Choline, the most popular nootropic stack, is an essential nutrient and a potent cognitive enhancer. Not only does it protect the cell membranes, but choline is extremely important for the production of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. However, this vital component comes in many different forms, which is why will we be performing a choline comparison between: Choline Bitartrate, Alpha GPC,...


Vinpocetine Benefits, Dosage, Stacking, Side Effects
VINPOCENTINE AT A GLANCE Also Known As Periwinkle Extract, Cavinton, Intelectol       Type Natural Good for Memory, Learning, Mood Stacks Well With Alpha GPC Aniracetam Piracetam Dosage 5-10 mg Half-life 2-3 hours Vinpocetine is a derivative from the periwinkle plant seeds that is commonly used to enhance cognition, boost memory, improve mood and protect the brain from signs of aging, among other benefits. This dietary supplement is absolutely safe with no notable side...

Alpha Brain Review

Alpha Brain Review
First of all, before we talk about anything else let's see what Alpha Brain is. No this is not a special part of our brain that is in charge of something, this is a drug. Not just any kind of a drug, mind you, but a nootropic drug whose main function is to drastically enhance cognitive functions in people...