There are a lot of people online wondering whether or not Absorb Your Health is a reliable supplier that can be trusted. The whole online brain hacking community is asking a lot of questions and this is why we’ve decided to do a thorough review of Absorb Your Health, their services and products.

As the supplements and nootropics market keeps growing, there are constantly new vendors popping up and it is highly important that they are trustworthy, because it’s not like they’re selling candy. In fact, in today’s consumer-driven world we even want to double-check what kind of candy we are buying, not to mention brain enhancement drugs and supplements.

Absorb Your Health Longevity and Reputation

Absorb Your Health is one of the supplement vendors with the most products. All of the supplements that are difficult to find in most other places are easy to find here. The headquarters of this company is located in Manchester, England. A lot of negative comments have been heard about this vendor on Reddit, mostly concerning the potency of their products and the lack of transparency.

This is why the owner of Absorb Your Health, Josh has made a statement that he will personally make sure that all of the test results of the supplements are provided to the public to ensure consumer that these products are completely safe. He has also called everyone who has questions or comments to contact him directly and not bash his company online.

You could say that they’ve had a dent in their reputation, but as Josh says, the majority of those negative reviews are sponsored by the tough competition and that everyone who wants to know something about his business should contact him to learn the true side of the story. The company was founded in 2011 as a new project for supplements, as Josh is also behind the Kratom project.

Absorb Your Health Quality Control

The lack of information about quality control is really the only thing that bothers people about this vendor. However, as we mentioned earlier Josh has stated that all of this information will be provided soon enough. In our conversation with him, he told us that he started this supplements business to help his wife when she became ill.

He said that nootropics and other similar products helped his wife and that he wanted to help others who have similar problems. He wouldn’t reveal any details about her illness because of private reasons. He told us that all of their products and ingredients are supplied from countries that have high GMP control and standards, including North America.

They are one of the few vendors that deliver a seal or analysis certificate with their products that tell customers how they were tested and prepared. If you dig a little deeper, you will learn that all of their products are tested by a third party and that other vendors sell them as well.

Absorb Your Health Product Selection

As we mentioned earlier Absorb Health offers a lot of products including nootropics, oils, skin care products, fitness products and so on. Given the fact that our main focus is nootropics, we will stick to them. They have all of the most popular nootropics and some of the rare products that are coming strong into the market as well. Some of the nootropic products they offer include:

Absorb Your Health Pricing

Absorb Your Health ReviewCompared to Amazon, Absorb Your Health has a lot more products on their website. The second thing I’ve learned while comparing products is that they are from 20% to about 200% more expensive on Amazon than with this vendor. For example, when I looked at the prices on Amazon I found Sulbutiamine, which is one of the products I like, for $28.

Then I went to Absorb Health’s website and I found the same product for $22.99. You might think that $5 doesn’t make a big difference but if you get one bottle per month, you can save up a lot over the course of a year, and this is one of the smallest price differences. I found products that were up to $20 cheaper on Absorb Your Health.

Go to their website and check it out for yourself if you don’t trust me.

Absorb Your Health Coupons and Discounts

At the moment, the only discount I’ve seen that they currently offer is free shipping on all orders that go over $75, no matter if they are international or within the US.

Absorb Your Health Shipping Options

All of the orders have a maximum wait time of one business day before they are sent. Simply put, if you order earlier during the day, your order will be sent to you that exact day. All of the products in the US are delivered through USPS and for all other countries, they are sent through international shipping.

There are different credit card payment options such as MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. It is also possible to return products, get a refund and cancel your order if you’ve made a mistake.

Final Verdict

Absorb Your Health is one of the top vendors in the supplement market. Their name is always at the top of search results, and despite some of the negative reviews, you can find more positive ones where experienced supplement users testify that they were satisfied with their customer service and the quality of the products.

Absorb Your Health is one of the rare vendors that have a telephone number on their home page and you can call them and learn everything you need about their products or services. They are very responsive and try to help all of their customers as much as they can.

People who have used nootropic products say that their products are high quality and I personally find them to be a reliable supplier. Still, it would be good to put up some quality test results for those that are uncertain.


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