Recently, nootropics have become one of the hottest topics. There are now various companies which deal with the production and online sales of these powerful supplements, and the majority of them ship worldwide.

In this article, we will be focusing on Neurohacker Collective, one of the most popular of such companies, and try to provide readers with some non-biased arguments with the goal to help them decide whether this vendor is the right option for their needs.

Neurohacker Longevity and Reputation

Neurohacker Collective is a company which specializes in developing, curating and selling nootropics and cognitive enhancers used for boosting concentration, learning, memory, focus, and creativity. This relatively new company was founded in December 2015 in Encinitas, CA, and they focus on formulating nootropic stacks that are available for the general public.

Neurohacker has quickly become one of the most well-known companies which deal with the production and sales of nootropics. Their objective is to provide users with cutting edge technological supplements which are safe and can be used widely for completing our daily tasks more efficiently, as well as some more complex cognitive processes.

For anyone looking to enhance their mental performance and emotional intelligence, Neurohacker products are some of the best solutions on the market at the moment.

Although there are not many online reviews about the company itself, there is a vastness of positive user experiences about their best selling product – Qualia, a revolutionary nootropic which will be further discussed in the product selection section.

Neurohacker Quality Control

Although nootropics sound quite appealing to anyone who is looking to advance their cognitive abilities, especially students, they are still quite an unexplored territory. Therefore, many people are concerned with their safety and quality.

When it comes to their products, they are all manufactured in the US and Neurohacker follows national and FDA requirements in terms of quality and safety (although their products haven’t been FDA approved, like in the case of the majority of other nootropics), they have GMP/ISO 9000 quality standard certificates and COA (Certificate of Analysis) for all of the ingredients used in their production – according to the information provided on their website.

Moreover, they use MS (mass spectrometry) and HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography) technology for checking the reliability of their products. All of the ingredients are completely natural, best in their class, and thoroughly tested – they verify them by opening every 100th bottle, making sure they match the national standards.

Having their own manufacturing and research labs, Neurohacker claims that everything they produce is based on numerous research and that their products guarantee both top quality and maximum effectiveness.

Neurohacker Product Selection and Pricing

Neurohacker Collective products are all gluten and GMO free, vegan, and don’t contain any artificial flavors or colors, so they are suitable for pretty much everyone.

They are guaranteed to increase your brain activity and overall energy, sharpen concentration, enhance your focus, short term and long term memory, and to help you overcome any mental difficulties in order to think more clearly.

AYO – 299 USD – A smart device with a blue LED light which provides you with blue light exposure. According to NASA, Oxford and Harvard, blue light exposure is beneficial for our energy levels, sleep cycles and managing our biological clocks in order to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle. This device is especially effective in preventing jet lag.

Spending around 20 minutes under the blue light will help you feel significantly refreshed and energized.

Brain Octane Oil 32 oz. – 50 USD – A sugar free supplement designed to amplify your energy and mental performance, as well as to help you lose weight by burning fat. The product comes in the package of a 32 oz. plastic bottle, and it is extracted from pure coconut oil.

Including octane oil in your usual diet will provide you with physical and mental energy, and help you sustain top mental performance and improve your digestion.

KetoPrime – 60 USD – A plastic package of 30 lozenges which are designed to produce energy at the cellular level, reducing any fogginess from your brain. Its main ingredient is OAA (oxaloacetate) the primary role of which is to remove excess amounts of glutamate from our organisms.

Memory Protect – 18 USD – Coming in packages of 12 colostrinin-lithium (C-Li) and 24 lithium (Li) capsules, this product is designed to control our blood sugar levels, some enzyme activities and inflammations. This unique formula helps the growth and function of brain cells, contributing to your overall cognitive performance.

Qualia Mind – 139 USD – A monthly supply of 154 capsules – This supplement, which is claimed to be “the most comprehensive nootropic blend” by its users, combines 28 ingredients which have the ability to support brain health and increase our memory, energy, concentration, focus, and creativity only 20 minutes after taking it.

Qualia Original Stack – A supplement with 42 active ingredients which comes in the form of: Qualia Step 1 for 65 USD, and Qualia Step 2 for 65 USD.

Qualia Single Order – 149 USD (a monthly supply).

Neurohacker Coupons and Discounts

Neurohacker offers numerous discounts for their customers on bigger orders of Qualia, such as:

Qualia Mind Subscription – 89 USD for the first month, and then 119 USD for the following months (helps you save 20 USD per month).

Qualia Subscription – 99 USD for the first month, and then 129 USD for the following months (helps you save 20 USD per month).

Qualia Subscription with Free Shipping – 99 USD for the first month, and then 129 USD for the following months (helps you save 15 percent).

Neurohacker Shipping Options

Neurohacker products are shipped to 62 countries around the world and you can see the complete list on their website. For countries which are not listed there, orders can be placed either via Amazon Canada or Luckyvitamin. The shipping cost is 12.95 USD and the estimated time of arrival is between 15 and 22 days, depending on your country.

Final Verdict

Since there are not many reviews of the Neurohacker Collective products except for the Qualia available yet, we can conclude that this is a reliable and reputable vendor at least when it comes to Qualia – their top quality and top selling product which guarantees both safety and effectiveness, according to numerous user experiences.


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