In the beginning Nootropics Depot was a very small supplier of smart drugs and they were quite limited in the choice of products, as well as how much volume they could deliver. However, in 2016 they changed their management and their business approach, and started growing into the big supplier that they are today.

In this review we will talk about whether you can rely on this supplier and the products they provide. Choosing the right vendor for nootropics is very important, as not everybody performs the right quality control for the products they sell.

Nootropic Depot Longevity and Reputation

Nootropics Depot is an online supplement retail company located in Phoenix, Arizona. This online retailer has been around for some time and it has become one of the most popular nootropic suppliers in the world. On their website, they offer an email contact and don’t have a telephone number.

Like other similar supplier they don’t provide a lot of information about themselves, as the legality of nootropics is still questioned in many countries. Across the reddit community, however, Nootropics depot is respected and valued, as they have been directly involved in organizing testing and actively been a part of the whole “brain enhancement” movement.

The reason websites like this don’t offer a lot of information in general is because they want to avoid legal liabilities, so that they can ship their products to customers worldwide. Still, many of their previous customers say that they’ve had great communication with the company through their email.

Nootropic Depot Quality control

As we mentioned earlier, the owner of Nootropic Depot has funded many independent tests of various products through the reddit community. On their website, they say that all the products that they offer to consumers are tested rigorously by their own chemist, as well as a third-part lab.

They promise that none of their products are offered until all the tests match and certain that the supplements are safe to be used. All the products that they get are always tested as well, no matter how good or reliable their partners are.

They want to be absolutely sure that they deliver high quality and safe products, as their owner is passionate about brain enhancing and smart drugs.

Nootropic Depot Product Selection and Pricing

Nootropics Depot is one of the largest online suppliers of various dietary supplements, as well as nootropics. Almost all of these products are offered in both powder and capsule form to give consumers the option to take their supplements the way they feel most comfortable. On top of that, this also opens up the opportunity to create quality nootropic stacks that can have a specific desired effect.

All of their suppliers are public and users can find information about them if they want to double-check their reputation as well.

Capsule Nootropics

Powder Nootropics

Choline Products

Since headaches are the only common side-effect of taking nootropics on a regular basis, Nootropic Depot also offers a lot of choline products, as they can quickly alleviate headaches. By adding a choline product into a stack, users are able to avoid any side-effects.

Choline Capsules

Choline Powders

Nootropic Depot Review

Bear in mind that all products come in different packages and sizes, and depending on which one you choose the price can be higher or lower. 

Additionally, Nootropic Depot is one of the biggest suppliers of nootropic supplements and they always have new products coming in, so you should visit their website frequently to see if there’s anything new on offer. All of their products can be sorted by use, ingredients, type and effects.

Nootropic Depot Coupons and Discounts

When you create an account on Nootropics Depot, you become eligible for various coupons and discounts. Luckily, there is always some kind of discount on their website and constant buyers get additional perks.

At the moment, all new members that sign-up for their newsletter receive a 10% discount on their first order. At Nootropic Depot, you can also find various bundles of products that come with a special discount price. They also offer a lot of product discounts during the holidays.

Nootropic Depot Shipping Options

Customers of Nootropics Depot have reported that they offer a very reliable distribution. All of the products that are ordered by 4PM, i.e. during their open hours, are shipped instantly and will arrive shortly. You can order their products on our website, through Amazon, Amazon Prime, or directly on their website.

All orders within the US are shipped with USPS Priority Mail and if your order is over $50, shipping is free. International shipments are with Standard Worldwide Mail, and if the order is over $200, shipping is free. The ordering process is quite simple – you only need to add products to your cart and click on a button to have them sent to you.

Final Verdict

It seems that Nootropic Depot is a very reliable and trusted nootropic vendor that can deliver quality products anywhere in the world. Their prices are reasonable and products are tested thoroughly.

The fact that they are more open than most vendors, and that their owner is an active moderator and test-funder at reddit, simply gives me even more confidence in their capabilities.

You can find all the information about their products on their website and get quick responses through their email. I hope this review has helped you learn more about Nootropics Depot.


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